High - speed press production manager

2017-08-10 Dongguan 1 Negotiable

High - speed press production manager
Job Responsibilities
1 responsible for the Department of high-speed punch production process to improve and improve the quality of high-speed punch
2 According to the requirements of various projects under the general plan to develop the production plan of the sector
3 release the workshop production plan and track the progress of production to solve the technical problems arising from the production process
4 supervision of the implementation of quality system and process specifications, all the quality of the department responsible for all the quality
5 to help new product development technology and process innovation and high-speed press quality improvement
6 organizations to establish and improve the implementation of the various departments of the work management system and process
job requirements
1 college degree or above, high-speed punch machine machinery manufacturing industry automation professional, that the mechanical processing and mechanical equipment principle, in Taiwan-funded enterprises engaged in the production of foreign-funded enterprises, more than 5 years of high-speed punch work experience
2 proficient in the production system planning quality management production planning production cost accounting, can effectively control the production cost
3 can follow up the production schedule and production quality, timely distribution of production tasks
4 experience in high-speed press ISO9001 management is preferred
5 has a high ability to lead the leadership of management, can work under strong pressure
6 has a strong organizational planning control and coordination capabilities to ensure that the company's high-speed punch the normal production.

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