Foreign Trade Commissioner

2017-09-15 Several

Foreign Trade Commissioner

Job Responsibilities
1,the management of daily foreign trade tax affairs, to help superviseand inspect the implementation of the company's foreign trade tax lawsand regulations;
2, the preparation of tax statements, drafting tax costs forecast and analysis report, declare tax;
3,foreign trade invoices and receipts of the purchase, use and write-off,and its collection, filing registration and management;
4,is responsible for foreign trade tax registration certificate for theinspection and annual inspection and cancellation of tax information andcustody;
5, to collect all kinds of foreign trade tax laws and regulations;
6, to participate in foreign trade tax business training;
7, to assist tax authorities to contact and coordinate the financial and taxation departments.
1,finance, accounting or tax-related professional college education,registered tax accountants or certified public accountants priority;
2, with relevant tax work experience is preferred;
3, familiar with the national and local fiscal and taxation policies and laws and regulations, good at tax planning analysis;
4, with excellent teamwork ability, execution and good communication and coordination.

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