Clip-on high-speed feeder

Clip-on high-speed feederGF-906N clip-type high-speed feeder (single tape):Applicable to high-speed and high-precision feeding SPM, up to 1200 times / minGF-1512N clip type high-speed feeder (multiple

Clip-on high-speed feeder

Clip-on high-speed feeder

GF-906N clip-type high-speed feeder (single tape):
Applicable to high-speed and high-precision feeding SPM, up to 1200 times / min
GF-1512N clip type high-speed feeder (multiple strip)
Applicable to the width of different materials, thickness
Note: Feeding accuracy ± 0.05mm (the value of each project)

* Suitable for high-speed processing, and the need for high-precision feeding punching products. (Up to 1200 times per minute)
* When the machine is running, it is silent and does not cause noise in the workplace.
* The surface of the material will not leave any indentation, can punch the plating material aluminum alloy, stainless steel, copper, iron, or secondary engineering manufacturers, get the perfect punching products.
* All adjustments are used in characterization, simple operation, good stability, any person can easily operate.
* The body is integrally formed, can avoid the resonance generated when stamping, and affect the feeding accuracy.
Standard specification (or design) Description:
* Thickness adjustment only by material rotation can be scored.
* Relaxation device adjustment only by the mold within the guide tip position to rotate the scoring can be.
* Feed length is adjusted with crankshaft eccentricity (in block gauge mode).
* The upper platen is pressure (pressure adjustable)
* When the material is inserted, the upper and lower platen are operated by the pneumatic air valve to open and close. The lubrication system is used
* Circulation oil supply system, for the transmission gear, fixed seat transmission, other bearing parts are mandatory
* Recycling oil to reduce the wear and tear of the various parts to extend its life and can work for a long time in a high temperature state.

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