Foxconn Technology Group

2017-08-07 11:10:48 Mr.Li 40

FoxconnTechnology Group in the electronics industry is one of the best in themass production of electronic parts, you need to use Samhoor'shigh-speed punch, and Foxconn Technology Group's high-speed punch demandis very large, we maintained this supply Relationship, Foxconn Technology Group is also one of our loyal customers.

FoxconnTechnology Group is Taiwan's Honghai Precision Group in the mainland toinvest in the establishment of high-tech enterprises. 1988 in Shenzhen area investment and construction, president of Gou. Inmainland China from the Pearl River Delta to the Yangtze River Delta tothe Bohai Sea, from southwest to south to northeast to establish morethan 30 science and technology industrial park in Asia, the Americas,Europe and other places have more than 200 subsidiaries and agencies,now has more than 120 employees And the world's top customer base.

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Samhoor's Chinese transliteration: three advantages,Expressed as: good quality, good price, good service.This is the request of Samhoor High Speed Press,But also the purpose of customer service.

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