High speed press machine daily maintenance records

2017-08-11 17:19:19 Mr.Li 7

Pre-production test equipment, check whether there is abnormal sound situation
After the class every day to fully clean the equipment to keep the equipment clean and pollution-free
Check the filler hole and add lubricant to keep the lubrication fully and the oil hole is no clogging without oil spill
Automatic lubrication pressure gauge operating pressure 0.3-0.9MPa
Whether the intake pressure in line with 0.55-0.65MPa    
Balance bar pressure ≤ 0.5MPa        
Clutch brake pressure 0.45-0.55 Mpa    
Hydraulic overload protection pressure 0.45-0.5 MPa
Screw pressure gauge 10-30MPa
Check the slider clearance
Pressure vessel (including balance cylinder) water placed
Check the solenoid function of the clutch brake    x
Check the fasteners to ensure that no loosening, no missing pieces
Clean the air filter    
Check the electrical wiring for damage, broken wire, wiring terminals are loose
Check the clutch parts and linkage parts status, if necessary, adjust, repair or replace
Check the drive mechanism, if necessary, adjust, repair or replace    
Main motor V-belt belt height check (hand pressure subsidence of about 1/2 deep arc state of the best)
Top dead center stop position confirmation    
Balance the cylinder wall condition check
Clutch, brake stroke check                                                                                                                

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