How about the price of 30-ton gantry high-speed punching machine?

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The elites in the industry know that there are two types of rule models of high-speed punching machines, one is C-type high-speed punching machine and the other is gantry high-speed stamping machine. One of the differences between these two types can be known from the naming is that the punching machine shape structure is different, and also their working principle, die configuration, etc. will be different accordingly, and the price is even more so. How much is the price of C-type high-speed punching machine and gantry high-speed punching machine? Let's take a look.

The basic features of Dongguan Samhoor Company’s 30 tons gantry type high-speed punching machine:

1.High efficiency: It is suitable for mass production of electronic and hardware parts, with the highest punching times of 1000 times/min.

2.High speed stability: advanced dynamic balancing system with external vibration damping structure can keep stable and reliable even in ultra-high-speed operation.

3.High precision: Excellent structural design, advanced and reliable manufacturing method, high performance parts such as Japan NSK bearings ensure high static precision of the equipment, and with the high-speed stability of precision feeder and this machine, ensure high precision of the equipment.

Advantages of using Dongguan Samhoor 30 ton gantry high-speed stamping machine:

Stamping parts processability refers to the degree of difficulty of the stamping parts in the stamping process. Although the stamping process includes the whole process of material preparation - stamping process - necessary auxiliary processes - quality inspection - combination, packaging, but the focus of the analysis of processability in the process of stamping process. There are many stamping processes, and the processability in each process is different. Even if the same part, due to the production conditions of the production unit, process equipment and production of different traditional habits, the meaning of its process parts are not exactly the same. 

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30T gantry high-speed stamping machine stamping the main advantages are:

(1) Less consumption and shorter production preparation cycle. 

(2) High production quantity, small labor rate and reduced labor intensity of workers.

(3) Minimize the amount of subsequent machining and related auxiliary processes.

(4) Less equipment for stamping process, less production area required, less machine vibration and less noise.

(5) It is easy to operate. Ordinary employees can be trained to operate the gantry punching machine after operation.

(6) According to the survey, the die life of gantry high-speed punching machine is higher than that of ordinary punching machine.

Price of Dongguan Samhoor 30 ton gantry high-speed power press machine:

Gantry high-speed punching machine is not only better than C-type high-speed punching machine in structure, its accuracy, configuration of auxiliary equipment and power consumption are slightly better, so the price will be a little higher than C-type high-speed punching machine. 30-ton gantry high-speed punching machine is about 50 thousand dollars, while the price of 30-ton C-type high-speed punching machine is only about $25,000. The specific price will be different for different stamping requirements, different die specifications, different peripheral equipment, etc. For how much, you are welcome to come and evaluate with our engineers. According to our market experience, most customers with strong strength, high grade and high requirements will take gantry high-speed punching machine as their first choice, you can choose gantry high-speed punching machine or C-type high-speed punching machine according to your situation.

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