How much does a 45 tons gantry type high-speed punching machine cost?

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The final price of the gantry 45 tons high speed punching machine needs to be estimated according to your purchase requirements, the accuracy of the stamped parts, the number of dies, the configuration of peripheral equipment and so on. Before estimating the price, let's learn some basic features of 45t H-Frame high-speed punching machine first.

I. Features of Dongguan Samhoor Company’s 45-ton gantry high-speed punching machine

1. High efficiency: It is suitable for mass production of electronic and hardware parts, with the highest punching times of 1000 times/min.

2. High speed stability: advanced dynamic balancing system with external vibration damping structure can keep stable and reliable even in ultra-high-speed operation.

3. High precision: Excellent structural design, advanced and reliable manufacturing method, high performance parts such as Japan NSK bearings ensure high static precision of the equipment, and with the high-speed stability of precision feeder and this machine, ensure high precision of the equipment.

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II. Dongguan Samhoor 45T H-Type high-speed stamping machine and the advantages and disadvantages of ordinary punching machine comparison

(A) Advantages:

1. 45T gantry high-speed power press machine is a six-circle guide column, the production of punching machine with automatic feeding device can be automated, saving to improve productivity and save labor. The common punching machine is not fast and has certain danger by manual feeding. 

2. The machine body adopts six round guide pillar devices, the whole cast steel, good rigidity. Stable punching and low vibration of the machine.

3. The speed of six-circle column punching machine is fast, up to 1200 times per minute. While the ordinary punching machine is about 100 times per minute at most.

4. The crank linkage and cam transmission form is adopted, so that the transmission torque is greatly reduced, and therefore the cross-release and outer diameter of the transmission gear can be reduced.

5. The slider can be fast empty stroke and return stroke, while the speed is greatly reduced during the working stroke, so that the mold shock is reduced and the life time is prolonged.

6. High energy of punching machine, the nominal pressure can be issued at 60mm from the lower dead point.

7. 45T gantry high-speed press has good stability and the precision of the stamped products is 5-10 times higher than the precision of the products stamped by ordinary punching machines. 

(B) Disadvantages:

1. 45T gantry high-speed punching machine has high overall cost, so the sales price is higher, which is ten times of the price of ordinary punching machine.

2. Fast stamping speed, such as small batch of manual feeding cannot meet the requirements, and the danger is high.

3. The requirements for the thickness, width and length of the pressed products.

III. Dongguan Samhoor 45 tons gantry high-speed punching machine application areas

Gantry high-speed punching machine is widely used in stamping buttons, LED lamp accessories, LED bracket, small stretch parts, auto connector terminals, precision electronics, power plugs, communications, computers, screw gaskets, household appliances, auto parts, motor stator, transformer EI piece, plug piece, shrapnel, protective barbed wire, speaker net, toy accessories, small springs, watch accessories, razor barbed wire, saw blades, secondary tubes, tertiary tubes, resistors, potentiometers, metal zippers, clawless buckles, shields, various metal jewelry. Third-level tubes, resistors, industrial nails, wavelets, crystal head chips, USB, potentiometer, metal zipper, no claw buckle, shielding cover, various metal jewelry, heat sink, battery cap, four lines, warp and so on all kinds of small precision parts.

With the advantages of reliable operation, high safety and good stability, the 45-ton gantry high-speed punching machine can greatly improve the efficiency and reduce the production cost for your production. Are you ready? Please call us for more information.

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