How about the price of gantry type 85 tons high speed punching machine?

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What is the difference between the 85 tons gantry type high speed punching machine and the ordinary 85 ton punching machine? Is H-Frame 85 tons high speed punching machine expensive? Dongguan Samhoor Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. High Speed Punching Machine Factory, a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of precision high-speed punching machines, has more than 17 years of rich experience. What is the performance of Dongguan Samhoor high-speed punching machine? Is the price good? Come and take a look at Samhoor company.

Advantages of Dongguan Samhoor 85-ton gantry type high-speed punching machine

  (1) Less consumption of raw materials and shorter production preparation cycle. 

  (2) The production quantity of stamping parts increases, the labor rate is small, and the labor intensity of workers is reduced.

  (3) Minimize the amount of subsequent machining and related auxiliary processes.

  (4) Less equipment for stamping process, less production area required, less machine vibration and less noise.

  (5) It is easy to operate. Ordinary employees can be trained to operate the gantry punching machine after operation.

  (6) According to the survey, the die of gantry high-speed punching machine has higher service life than that of ordinary punching machine.

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Standard accessories of Dongguan Samhoor 85-ton gantry H-Type high-speed punching machine

1. Automatic electric control easy on die adjustment system

2. Die height indicator 0.01

3. High pressure clamping system

4. Lubrication type cooling circulator

5. Forced lubrication system

6. Dynamic balancing device

7. Inverter stepless speed control system

8. Air filtration system

9. Reliable dry brake release system

10. Solenoid valve

11. Anti-vibration cushion feet

12. Independent electric control box



15.Cooling machine

16. Switch button (Japan Fuji)



Dongguan Samhoor 85 tons gantry H-Frame high-speed stamping machine optional accessories

1.correction machine

2. Spacer

3. Receiving machine

4. Automatic scrap suction machine

5. Lower dead point checker

6. Material rack (disc discharge rack double-headed material rack)

85 tons gantry type high speed punching machine brand

Samhoor High Speed Stamping Machine

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Dongguan Samhoor 85t gantry h-type high-speed press machine speed

The speed of 85 tons gantry type high-speed punching machine is 200-600 times/min.

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Dongguan Samhoor 85t gantry H-Frame high-speed punching machine price

The price of 85t gantry high-speed stamping machine is determined by different strokes, corresponding dies, stamping speed, precision requirements and different configurations of peripheral equipment, and the specific price is determined by providing the relevant information of the stamping parts or discussing the demand in person.

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