What is the high-speed stamping machine used for?

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What is a high-speed punch press? Intuitively, a high-speed punch press means that the corresponding stamping part die is installed on the punch press, and various metal materials are sent to the punch press through the feeder, and then the corresponding parts are stamped out. The speed of high-speed punching machine can reach 200-1000 times per minute.

High Speed Press Stamping Machine

At presents, High Speed Press Stamping Machine is one of the most advanced and fast metal processing equipment. In today's increasingly high labor productivity, low-speed presses have long been unable to adapt to the ever-changing market. Only high speed punching machines can ensure high precision and fast part forming of stamped parts. High-speed punching machine has the advantages of high precision, high speed and high stability, so what products can high-speed punching machine actually do? The following will be introduced from 3 aspects as follow:

1.The industries in which high-speed precision punching machines can be stamping and processing are Industries such as precision machinery, instruments, computers, cameras, automobiles, motorcycles, computers, equipment, and electronic hardware stamping for household appliances, Stainless Steel Cable Tie Production Line etc.

2. Products that can be processed by high-speed precision punch presses:

Precision cell phone and computer components and accessories, LED brackets, IC frames, motor stator, self-service motor stator, motor cores, electric rotor pieces, electrical appliances such as horn net stamping, aluminum alloy stamping, tensile parts stamping, hardware stamping, cold stamping, electronic stamping and other products.

3. Products that can be stamped by precision punching machine:

Hardware parts, electronic appliances, precision electronics, stator, rotor, transformer EI piece, connector terminal, LED bracket, lead frame, button, clothing accessories, heat sink, jewelry, toys, fins, heat sink, cell phone shield, hardware shrapnel, watch stainless steel stamping piece, mirror stainless steel stamping piece, car stainless steel stamping piece, small spring, connector piece, crystal head chip, Eyelet Button High Speed Punching Machine, and other metal stamping parts.

Model of high speed precision punching machine:

C-type high-speed punching machine: 30 tons, 45 tons, 65 tons, 80 tons.

Gantry high-speed punching machine: 30 tons, 45 tons, 65 tons, 85 tons, 125 tons, 200 tons.

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