What is the difference between gantry high-speed punching machine and C-type high-speed stamping machine?

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Dongguan Samhoor Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is committed to the development and production of precision high-speed punching equipment, is the production and sales of one manufacturing enterprise. The introduction of Taiwan INGYU, Japan high-speed punching machine technology, after 18 years of development and innovation, successfully built a "good quality", "good service” and "good price".

At present, our gantry-type high-speed punching machines have become the benchmark products in the industry, and the sales of C-type high-speed punching machines are among the top in the same industry nationwide. At the same time, we have set up many offices and after-sales service departments throughout the country, and our products are exported overseas, especially to Southeast Asia.

With the strength of our company, a highly qualified management team, strong technical force and the most modern production processes ensure the high quality and cost effectiveness of the machine tools, casting cost-effective machine tools based on the whole market.

Based on our approximately 20 years of production experience, our company would like to help analyses what are the differences between gantry high-speed punching machines and C-type high-speed stamping machines?

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Difference One: Guide Column

The gantry high-speed punching machine is a six-circle guide pillar; 

the C-type high-speed punching machine is a three-circle guide pillar.

Difference 2: Punching Beds

The gantry type high-speed punching machine has an enclosed bed with a four-sided die stabilization method;

C-type high-speed punching machines have a semi-enclosed bed and the die is stabilized in a two-sided manner;

The bed body is different and the die is fixed in different forms, these determine the difference in toughness and accuracy of the product during processing.

Difference 3: Structure

Gantry type high-speed punching machine: closed bed structure, high rigidity, easy deformation under force and high precision;

C-type high-speed punching machine: open bed structure, easy to deformation by force and lower precision.

Difference 4: Anti-vibration capability

The gantry high-speed punching machine has a high anti-vibration capacity and good anti-vibration performance;

C-type high-speed punching machines have a weaker anti-vibration capability compared to gantry high-speed punching machines.

Difference 5: Feeder configuration

Gantry high-speed presses: delivered with a clip/NC feeder with speeds of up to 1000 cycles/min;

C-Shaped High Speed Punching Machine: delivered with roller/gear feeder, speed up to 600 times/minute

The gantry high-speed punch press has a more accurate and faster clip feeder.

Difference 6: Power consumption

A gantry high-speed punch press will consume a little more power than a C-type high-speed punch press at full load.

Difference 7: Appearance

High-speed gantry punching machine: the shape resembles the letter H, so it is also called H-type high-speed punching machine;

C-type high-speed punching machine: it is called C-type high-speed punching machine because the slider and table opening resembles a letter C.

There are still many differences between gantry and C-type high-speed punching machines, but the main difference is that they have different structures. If you want flatter and more accurate stamped products and have a sufficient budget, we recommend you to choose a gantry high-speed punching machine.

The above is a detailed description of the differences between the gantry high-speed punching machine and the C-type high-speed punching machine, I hope it will help you.

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