Notice of resumption of work

2023-02-01 11:06:12 Mr.Li 8

Dear Customers,

How are you? Happy Chinese Lunar New Year. I hope this joyful festival would bring you happiness as well. We sincerely hope you everything is all right.

We just returned back to work today, after a long break. Many thanks for your understanding and patience, we wish you much fortune.

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Everything is back to normal, production is ongoing. Please feel free to tell me if you need any High speed stamping/punching machine.

For details of our information and products, please kindly to check with me. 

Any questions, welcome to consult, thank you!

Best wishes!


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Samhoor's Chinese transliteration: three advantages,Expressed as: good quality, good price, good service.This is the request of Samhoor High Speed Press,But also the purpose of customer service.

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