The high speed punching press is leaking oil, what should we do?

2023-05-03 16:00:12 Mr.Li 4

Today's quality, tomorrow's market! 

Mr. Qian (Workshop Supervisor), there's an oil leak on high velocity ram machine. Darius comes and says ... 

Without saying a word, Mr. Qian immediately took tools to the scene, carefully view... 

The supervisor was unhurried, very calm, and repeatedly told the staff to keep alert and pay attention to personal safety. 

Under the guidance of the supervisor, the oil leakage problem of this high speed velocity punch presses has been dealt with by Darius. 

Quality does not allow any carelessness, Samhoor's metal stamping machine high-speed punch press in the case of personal safety, to ensure the quality of punching presses production. 

Because we always uphold the "today's quality, tomorrow's market!"

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