What is gantry type high-speed stamping machine?

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【Samhoor Precision Machinery Company】 As a professional manufacturer of gantry high-speed punching machine to provide you with gantry high-speed punching machine mechanical structure, gantry high-speed punching machine structure principle, as well as the gantry high-speed punching machine applicable fields of information for reference.

65 ton gantry high speed punching machine

What is a gantry high-speed press punching machine?

High-speed punching machine is made of integrated special cast iron alloy with high rigidity and anti-vibration. The slider is designed with a long guide path and equipped with a slider balancing device to ensure precise and stable operation. All anti-wear components are electronically timed with automatic lubrication system, and the advanced and simple control system ensures the accuracy of ram operation and stopping. It can be matched with any automated production requirements to improve production efficiency and reduce cost.

Gantry high-speed punching machine mechanical structure:

Gantry high-speed punching machine mechanical structure consists of control board, wave conduit, controller, power cable, frequency conversion cable and other important prefabricated components, with perfect self-collection efficacy, strong anti-interference ability, high-quality building seismic grade features and imported prefabricated components, greatly improving product quality and safety performance, eliminating the safety risks in the operation process.

Gantry high-speed stamping machine structure with high bending strain, precision machining structure, using carbon steel plate arc welding, heat treatment, elimination of bed welding stress; crankshaft, transmission system drive gear, couplings and other hardened heat-treated friction parts, such as drilling production and manufacturing, with very high wear resistance and reliability, characteristics of stability, to ensure the quality of high-speed punching machine and use period, with all automatic type feeding mechanism. Mass production, manipulation cost fee, enhance work efficiency; appearance, low noise, low consumption, energy saving and environmental protection, smooth, simple appearance and other advantages, can highlight the outstanding design concept.

Gantry high-speed punching machine structure principle:

Samhoor gantry type high speed punching machine has now spread all over the major markets in China. Personally, I think it may be related to our excellent service and excellent product quality, but also to the structural advantages of the gantry high speed punching machine.

The design principle of punching machine is to convert the circular motion into linear motion. The main motor produces the force, drives the flywheel, and drives the gear, crankshaft (or eccentric gear) and connecting rod through the clutch to reach the linear motion of the slider, and the motion from the main motor to the connecting rod is circular motion. There are two types of mechanisms, one is ball type and the other is pin type (cylindrical type), through which the circular motion is converted into linear motion of the slider.   

The press applies pressure to the material to deform it plastically to get the required shape and precision. Therefore, a set of dies (upper and lower dies) must be used to place the material between them, and the machine applies pressure to deform it, and the reaction force caused by the force applied to the material during processing is absorbed by the machine body of the press. The following are some minor details.

1.Punching machine casing and table: The casing and table of high-speed punching machine are separated out. According to the work requirements, the plate bed has space quadrilateral work on the kitchen table surface of the guide rail, work in the time when the guide slider along the guide rail for up and down; in the table surface open over U/T-shaped slot for the installation of fixed invariant lower die.

2.Guide rail slider: guide rail slider is used to fix unchanged upper die, in the promotion of the engine crankshaft along the guide rail for up and down movement fitness to carry out hardware mold work on.

3.Clutch in a hardware mold:is to ensure that the crankshaft every turn a week, punching machine guide rail slider to carry out a hardware mold work on, it can automatically stop in the support point position of a machine and equipment.

4.Brake system: its role is to solve the guideway slider note the replay movement fitness and crankshaft concave turning moment of inertia, to ensure that after the clutch is released, the guideway slider stop here to choose the amount of points.

5.Gear transmission: it consists of electric motor, deceleration machinery and equipment and crankshaft connecting rod. After the motor movement fitness deceleration by crankshaft connecting rod will be back into a straight line along the block of continuous fitness movement. Longmen punching machine speed reduction machinery and equipment often belt and transmission system drive gear.

6.Automatic control system cell phone software: automatic control system cell phone software including wooden floor, support frame and clutch, etc., its role is to control the clutch open and close, manipulate the punching machine. When starting the machine without stepping on the pin, the large gear only carries out high-speed rotation and the crankshaft does not rotate. When the footplate is depressed, the clutch connects the crankshaft to the human break wheel, and the crankshaft promotes the up and down movement of the guide slider. If the pedal board does not extend outward, along the block is constantly hardware mold. Shaft rotation a week, the guide rail slider from the upper position to the lower position, set the interval called four strokes. Guide rail slider in the low position when its below to the table interval called closure height. The closing height of the punching machine should be consistent with the closing height of the hardware mold. In addition. The closing height of the punching machine is adjusted by changing the length of the engine crankshaft The expertise of the punching machine is to the large pressure to be caused when the guide slider is close to the low position.

Gantry high-speed punching machine model:

Gantry high-speed punching machine models according to tonnage are: 30 tons, 45 tons, 65 tons, 85 tons, 125 tons and 200 tons gantry high-speed punching machine.

Gantry high-speed punching machine operation precautions:

1. Dress code.

The actual operation of the gantry high-speed punching machine the whole process to wear tight-fitting lead clothing, sleeve buckle tight, top coat hem can’t be opened, strictly prohibited to wear rubber gloves, can’t be started next to the machine and equipment to wear, take off and change clothes, or surrounded by cloth on the human body, to prevent the machine and equipment strangulation. Try to wear a good safety helmet, braids should be put into the cap, can’t wear skirts, sandals. To wear a good of safety goggles, to avoid iron pin burst splash eyes, and in the vicinity of the processing center to install a baffle plate to make it with the operating process area safety protection.

2. Steel parts clamping.

Before clamping steel parts, the clamping method should be developed. Clamping blank parts, kitchen table surface to be well padded to prevent harm to the operating table.

3. Operating table movement.

Check the solid screws should be opened when the operating table is moved, and the solid screws should be tightened when the operating table is not moved.

4. Operating table mold handling.

CNC tool handling loading and unloading, should keep the turning tool cone part and cone hole clear, and subsequently clamped firmly. Gantry CNC lathe Korotor drilling try to wear safety protective glasses. The operating table is strictly forbidden to deposit common tools, parts and other things, and pay attention to the interval of CNC tools and steel parts to prevent causing impact safety production accidents.

5. Turning tool installation inspection.

Before installing the turning tool should check whether the CNC tool is the right number, intact, turning tool as close as possible to the machine tool spindle bearing installation, installed on the test run, the installation of steel parts should be solid.

6. Tool walking manufacturing operation.

Production and manufacturing should be added first hand tool walking, then slowly automatic type under the knife. Automatic type go tool when open rocker, pay attention to the travel switch block is solid, strictly forbidden to put into the head, do not go to the two extremism and crash the ball screw; use fast schedule arrangement, to check in advance whether it will collide and so on, to prevent touching the parts, turning tool cracked and thrown out to death. Often check whether the commercial insurance spring inside the hand crank is effective and reliable.

Products that can be processed by gantry high-speed punching machine:

High-speed gantry punching machine is a kind of automatic control stamping machine with high efficiency, precision processing and high-speed operation. High-speed gantry punching machine is generally used for the production and processing of hardware stamping parts with a relatively large total number of products and high product precision requirements, and the processing of products with a wide range of applications, such as:

Electric motor stator and generator rotor, transformer EI piece, cell phone computer parts, USB, light wire flat piece, spring piece, toy spare parts, small bullet yellow, watch parts, wallpaper blade, woodworking saw blade, automobile manufacturing industry close to plug terminal block, industrial production nail, safety precaution barbed wire, horn net, wave piece, varistor, pull lock, button, LED lamp, small pull up parts, shielding cover, all kinds of Chicken eye, decoration, heat pipe radiator, power cord plug, screw gasket, white crystal joint head, rechargeable battery cap, shrapnel warp, three-stage tube, two-stage tube, varistor class, Electronic Connector High Speed Press Machine, Cable Ties Stainless Steel Band Strap Automatic Stamping Machine  etc.

High-speed punching machine adopts automatic loading machine feeder, and is equipped with molds, material racks, hardware molds and so on, which to form an automated technical production line.

The above is the gantry high-speed punching machine features. If you want to know more the information about high-speed punching machine, please pay more attention to the latest high speed press stamping machine in Samhoor precision machinery Co.,Ltd. 

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