High speed press automatic feeding device

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High speed press automatic feeding device
High speed press automatic feeding device

  Concept: the automatic feeding device installed directly on the high-speed presses, by the automatic feeding device instead of manual feeding, in the ordinary press continuous stamping state, to complete the high-speed punch automatic punching type.

  Most of the general use of short stamping materials. But the high-speed punch automatic feeding machine is still stamping with a short strip, the replacement is too frequent, it is difficult to play its stamping efficiency. Therefore, high-speed press automatic feeder suitable for the use of coil or long strip material. The mold must be set within the fine positioning components, feeding device feeding step to fine positioning to ensure that the feed step accuracy to meet the requirements.

  In the high-speed punch continuous punching state, it is impossible to rely on manual manual output, in order to ensure that the mold within the waste or work in a timely manner, can be installed automatic device. High-speed press equipped with automatic feeding device, the mold costs rise, such as still follow the single process stamping program, stamping efficiency can not be effectively improved. So the stamping parts should be in an automatic feeding stamping die in a forming, so that high stamping speed, help to reduce product costs.

  Feeding distance should be kept stable, attached to the automatic feeding machine feeding device on each feeding step must be stable, and may be appropriate to do fine-tuning.

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