A Brief Introduction to the High - speed Press of Samhoor

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A Brief Introduction to the High - speed Press of Samhoor

A Brief Introduction to the High - speed Press of Samhoor

Casting is the metal liquid poured into the pre-prepared mold, solidification to obtain a certain shape, size and performance of the blank or parts of the forming method. The roughings or parts obtained by the casting method are collectively referred to as castings. Casting; usually rough, after processing to become a part.

Castings for the casting of metal materials are cast iron, steel, aluminum alloy, copper alloy surplus, magnesium alloy, which is the most widely used cast iron. Samhoor high speed punch machine is the use of cast iron.

Casting types can be divided into sand casting and special casting two categories. Sand casting of the original sand to the main sand, its low cost, wide adaptability, is the most widely used casting production in a way. Special casting is used in the manufacture of mold with less sand or do not use sand special process equipment, its forming the casting surface quality, size, precision, high mechanical properties of the castings.

1. the characteristics of casting

(1) casting can create a complex shape (especially the complex cavity) of the pieces, such as a variety of precision punch box, rack, bed, cylinder and so on.

(2) wide adaptability, almost no casting size, quality, type of material and production volume restrictions.

(3) Casting does not require expensive equipment. Raw material sources are extensive.

(4) Casting production process, the quality of the casting is more difficult to accurately control its mechanical properties are generally not as high as forging parts. Therefore, to withstand dynamic load or alternating load of the important force parts. In addition, sand casting in the productivity, working conditions, environmental pollution, there are some problems.

2. Sand casting the basic process

Casting a lot of methods, the most basic is the sand casting, the process for the system model, with sand, modeling core, melting metal, box tuck and cleaning test. Sand casting is the method of pouring liquid metal into sandy molds and removing the castings from the cold

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