High-speed precision punch stamping gap

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High-speed precision punch stamping gap

High-speed precision punch stamping gap

High-speed precision punch punching gap is convex, concave die between the continuation of Europe. Blanking gap is an important parameter in stamping process and mold design, which directly affects the quality of punching parts, mold life and energy consumption. Design high-speed precision punch punch, should be based on the actual situation and the need to rationally use the blanking gap. The same time as
1, high-speed precision punch punching gap classification: According to the blanking pieces of dimensional accuracy, shear surface quality, mold life and functional consumption and other major factors, the metal material blanking gap is divided into three types, namely, large, medium and small three. The same time as
2, the choice of blanking gap: the size of the blank gap and red material was the nature and thickness of the material, the more hard, the greater the thickness, the greater the gap value. High-speed precision presses In the selection of metal materials stamping, should be stamping parts for technical requirements, the use of characteristics and specific conditions of production and other factors, the use of the gap category, select the gap value. In addition, the recommended production of the factory in the use of the two blank gap table, which motor, electrical industry used (smaller) gap value for electronic, instruments, meters, precision machinery, such as stamping parts of the higher dimensional accuracy requirements The The same time as
3, in the unilateral cut, the edge of the gap in the cut, cut and other separation process, punch, die edge is usually unilateral (non-closed contour) shear material. In the process of unilateral shearing, the raw material, punch and die will produce a lateral force (horizontal component), this lateral force will lead to raw material movement, edge gap increases, And other adverse effects. Therefore, in the design of the die, in addition to the structure to take effective measures to prevent the adverse effects of lateral force (such as punch, die back pressure structure or device), in the selection of cutting edge gap, for unilateral shear Edge of the gap, usually take the normal gap of 30% -50%. The same time as
High-speed precision punching fine red, including strong pressure margin fine red, fine punch and die to the edge of fine blanking. The current application of the more powerful three-way blanket fine blank, is in the high-speed press with a special structure of the mold. Strong press edge fine blanking Before punching, the ring press plate first presses the blank onto the die; then the punch starts to fall and presses the blank together with the back pressure plate. At this time the blank in the state of compression, the cutting area of the metal in the v-ring gear, anti-pressure plate and punch under the joint action, in a three-way compressive stress state, thereby enhancing the plasticity. Punches continue to fall, that is, punching. Because the gap between the punch and the die is very small, the metal with the shear zone is in the three-way compressive stress state, so that the blanking process is in the form of pure shear, so as to obtain good shear section and dimensional accuracy.

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