Is a high-speed punching machine a "banknote printing machine"?

2022-03-04 14:00:58 Mr.Li 20

Lots of bosses say that you have a high-speed punching machine, which is equivalent to owning an infinite "money-printing machine" in your life. Have you ever seen such a high-speed punching machine?

SAH-200HK High speed punch machine

What is a high-speed punch? A high-speed punch is a kind of stamping equipment, It means that a corresponding die is installed on the high-speed punch, and the metal material is conveyed to the punch through the feeder, and the corresponding parts will be punched out.

Why is there a money-printing machine with a high-speed punch? Let's take a look at the punching speed of a high-speed punch.

The punching speed of the high-speed punch is 200-1000 times per minute. What is the concept? That is, 3-16 punches can be punched in 1 second. For example: In the past, when you used old-fashioned punching, the punching speed was only more than 100 times per minute, but if you use our high-speed punching machine, you can punch 200-1000 times in a minute. You can see that this kind of overspeed will save you a lot. production time? Here will have a video show about the fast speed of High-Speed Punch Machine.

Moreover, the high-speed punching equipment is fully automated, with high efficiency, high precision, long performance life and high safety. A high-speed punching machine can also replace 5-7 ordinary punching equipment, reducing 5-7 operators, which can not only greatly save labor costs, but also greatly save these costs such as the equipment costs, maintenance cost, site rental and so on.

So, if you have a high-speed punch equipment, it is equivalent to owning an infinite money printing machine.

How about it? After listening to the introduction, do you really want to have such a "money-printing machine"? Then come and see our "money-printing machine", I’m sure you deserve the best!

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