Eyelet Button Gantry Frame H-85 Tons High Speed Stamping Machine

Message Order:Eyelet Button Gantry Frame H-85 Tons High Speed Stamping Machine

The eyelet buttons are also called steam eyes and eyelets for eyelet button press punching machine stamping. The bed of high speed press machine is made of high-strength cast iron. After internal stress relief, the material is stable and the accuracy is not easy to changed. It is suitable for continuous stamping production.

Technical Parameter

Capacity85 ton
125 ton200 ton
Stroke of slide(mm)20

Stroke per minute(S.P.M)











Slide Adjustment(mm)505050
Slide Area(mm)1200*5001300*6001600*700
Bolster Area(mm)1200*750*1501400*850*1601700*950*180
Bed Opening(mm)900*1301150*2001400*280
Main Motor(HP)304040
Presses Dimension(mm)2530*1970*31502800*2100*34603100*2200*3750
Presses Precision

GB(JIS) 1 Class


GB(JIS) 1 Class


GB(JIS) 1 Class (One-Level)

Our Advantages:

1. Advanced industrial design ideas, low noise, low consumption, and good saving energy.

2. Adoption of high-strength cast iron, which's more resistant to minimal vibration, ensuring stamping accuracy and the service long-life.

3. Microcomputer controls system and few peripheral electrical elements with high stability. Operator can disassemble the board of the press, which is easy for maintenance.

4. Hydraulic overload protector with clutch brake is equiped as a standard feature to cause emergency stop instantly , that can greatly ensure maximum protection for the press and die.

5. Using oil lubracation system introduced MPA from USA, which's fully ensuring the high-speed lubrication requirements,reduce oil leakage of the press and remain the cleaness of the press.

6. American MAC low voltage solenoid valve, low temperature rise, low noise, speed accurate to 12000 times per minute.

Press Parts Showing:

The eyelet buttons, they are round in shape and have large holes in the middle to breathe or string. The eyelet attachment needs to be fixed on the garment by means of a knock-on staple. And there're a series of different typies of eyelet buttons, such as: round corns, net corns, elliptical corns, and the like.

eyelet button integrated.png

Notice of production:

In addition to choosing a high manufacturing accuracy, an reasonable die structure, good heat treatment effect and correct selection of die accuracy, correcting use,maintenance of die are also pretty important links.

The following points here should be paid more attention to: 

1. The most importing thing is strict and correct using the die equipment.

2. Checking  the rotating disc and the mounting base of the die on a regular basis to guarantee the coaxial accuracy of the upper and lower rotating discs.

3. After the die install, pls remember to check whether the fastening screw of the installation base of the die is locked correctly.

4. If the edge of punch and concave die is worn out, it's ought to stop using and grind in time. Otherwise, the wear degree of the die edge will be expanded rapidly, the wear of the die will be accelerated, and the quality of the high speed stamping machine and the life of the die will be reduced.

5. The mould should be put back to the designated position in time after using, and be treated with oil and rust-proof immediately.

6. To guarantee the service life of the die, the spring of the die should be replaced regularly, which can greatly to prevent the fatigue damage of the spring from affecting the use of the die.

7. Last but not least, no matter whether you use any dies or not at that time, please kindly ensure your own safety.

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