Punch foreign trade sales director

2017-09-15 Several

Punch foreign trade sales director

Job Responsibilities:
1, the establishment of the Ministry of Trade, the development of departmental work plans and related budget, a comprehensive presided over the daily management of the Ministry of Trade;
2, to develop and plan import and export business processes, collection, analysis of important information and data industry, and actively explore domestic and foreign markets;
3, responsible for the signing of large trade contracts and supervision of the implementation of the contract to deal with related business matters;
4, important customer contact contact, relationship maintenance;
5, responsible for the assessment of the Ministry of Trade, assessment, training, rewards and punishments and so on.

30 years of age, married is preferred! Must have mechanical industry experience.
1, Bachelor degree or above, major in international trade;
2, 5 years of experience in import and export business management, foreign companies related to work experience is preferred;
3, familiar with the import and export business processes, familiar with foreign trade import and export laws and regulations, with trade management expertise and related skills; familiar with network marketing, domestic and international experience of more than 4 years exhibition.
4, with excellent English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, familiar with the use of office software;
5, with excellent organizational management skills, good communication and negotiation skills, good sense of innovation, teamwork and service awareness, strong sense of responsibility.
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