Automatic stamping production of stapler nails-SAMHOOR precision-30hk

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Automatic stamping production of stapler nails-SAMHOOR precision-30hk

In our daily life, high-speed stamping metal products can be seen everywhere, such as hair clips, game coins, nose bridge strips for masks, rings and jewelry. These products are closely related to our life. With the development of social science and technology, the technical requirements for high-speed stamping are getting higher and higher, the shape of stamping parts is becoming more and more complex, smaller and smaller, and the quality requirements are getting higher and higher. Want to know how the nails of the stapler are produced? let me tell you.

 Automatic stamping production of stapler nails-SAMHOOR precision-30hk

High-speed punching machine manufacturer Miyoshi high-speed precision punching machine can bring benefits to small and precise manufacturers. The high-speed precision punching machine uses its own unique characteristics to complete a series of productions at an amazing speed. The high-speed precision punching machine can ensure the accuracy of each link, thereby producing high-quality products. Unexpectedly, something as detailed as a staple can be mass-produced.


When producing staples, put the steel on the material rack and send it to the feeder, and the automatic feeder will actively feed the material into the mold. The first step of the mold is punching, and the second step is stacking. At this time, all the programs are started, and the punching machine starts to punch the product. The products punched out by the punching machine will be received by an automatic rewinder in order to maintain cleanliness or uniformity.


At this time, you will see that the staples are not scattered one by one like nailing to a book or paper, but a neat, semi-finished product with thickness. To be precise, it looks like a finished product placed in a stationery store. Someone may ask why is this the case? In fact, it is because the staples are formed during the process of being punched by the punching machine, because the punching force of the punching machine will gather the staples together, without glue or any external force, the air of the punching machine will firmly hold the scattered staples together Stick together, that's the beauty of the punch.


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