The benefits of high-speed precision gantry punch presses are revealed

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The benefits of high-speed precision gantry punch presses are revealed

The benefits of high-speed precision gantry punch presses are revealed

The gantry-type punch press is also called the H-type punch press (or Rotor Lamination Motor Rotor Press Machine), which refers to the machine tool whose working table reciprocates between the four columns. Because the appearance shape is similar to the letter H, it is also called the H-type punch press.

Longmen punching machines are widely used, mainly used for stamping and forming of electronics, communications, computers, hardware parts, etc. Since there are so many industries that gantry punching machines can involve, what are the benefits? Now let's go down with me to understand the benefits of the gantry punch!

1. Ensure the safety of the staff. After using the Longmen punch press, the danger and uncertainty of the staff entering the punch press operation area can be eliminated, and in some cases, it is not even necessary to appear at the punch press site. The automatic operation of the punch press is controlled according to the design program of the console, and the safety of the production personnel is guaranteed.

2. Enhanced production efficiency. The gantry punching machine is the fastest among the punching machines at present, and the number of punching times can reach 800-1000 times per minute.

3. Enhanced product durability. The main components such as crankshaft, gear, transmission shaft and other parts have been hardened and heat-treated, and have high wear resistance after grinding. The long-term performance is stable and the durability is enhanced.

4. Reduced production costs. The gantry punch press can be matched with the corresponding automatic feeder device, with feeding error detection, pre-cutting, and pre-cutting devices, which can fully realize automatic production with low cost and high efficiency.

5. Novel design, environmental protection. Adopting sophisticated science and technology and production concept, it has the advantages of low noise, low pollution and high safety.


The benefits of the gantry punch press have been introduced above, do you know something about it? Dongguan Sanhao high-speed punching machine brand is committed to providing gantry high-speed static compact punching machines, C-type high-speed precision punching machines, good materials, good accessories, good service, and good product performance! Friends in need are welcome to come to consult and understand the high-speed punch market, and buy a gantry precision punch of your own!

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