How much does a 125 tons gantry type high speed punching machine cost?

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High-speed punching machine has been favored by a large number of elites in the punching industry with its main advantages of high precision and super speed of punching. So how much does a 125-ton gantry H-Frame high-speed punching machine cost? Dongguan Samhoor company production of 125 tons gantry high-speed stamping machine customer-centric, and constantly increase research and development and investment to promote their own and industry development, with efforts to more reasonable cost, manufacturing more stable, more precise, more professional punching equipment, "good quality, good service, good price" three good brand Samhoor. To create a benchmark product in the high-speed punching machine industry, thus improving the economic efficiency of our customers.

Dongguan Samhoor 125 tons gantry type high-speed press’s main parameters:

1. Stamping stroke: 20-50mm 

2. Closing die height: 350-415mm

3. Stroke per minute: 200-1000 times/min

4. Size of Slide area: 1300*600mm

5. Size of Bolster area: 1400*850*160mm

6. Bed opening: 1150*200mm

7. Main motor: 40HP

125tons high speed press metal stamping punching press

Dongguan Samhoor 125 tons gantry H-Type high-speed punching machine main feature:

Dongguan Samhoor solemn tip: For the long operation of your machine, try not to carry a full load.

1. Accuracy assurance.

(1) Crankshaft, worm gear and other key transmission parts, using precision machining methods, and by effective treatment and surface strengthening treatment to ensure that the key transmission parts excellent comprehensive mechanical characteristics and high surface wear resistance.

(2) The use of fully enclosed forced lubrication, to ensure that the bed castings and other main components can fully dissipate heat, so that the bed and other main components of the heat deformation is effectively controlled to ensure the long-term stability of the machine performance.

(3) Adopting high performance components such as Japanese NSK bearings, whose high precision and high life characteristics ensure the long-term stability and operability of the supporting components.

2. Safe and reliable operation

Adopting Taiwan dry clutch brake system, American MAC solenoid valve, advanced upper dead stop device and overload protection device to ensure the reliability, accuracy and safety of punching machine ram operation and stop.

3. Convenient die adjustment function

Adopting advanced die adjustment system (die height display, hydraulic die lock, manual die adjustment), the adjustment accuracy can reach 0.01mm, and the adjustment method is safe and convenient.

4. Operation automation

It can be configured with different grades and specifications of automatic feeding machine for automatic production. Through reasonable product combination, it is convenient to realize the production method of one person managing multiple machine positions.

Dongguan Samhoor 125 ton gantry type high-speed stamping machine's main application areas:

Gantry high-speed punching machine can be widely used in communication, computer, hardware industry, precision electronics, auto parts, household appliances, industrial use parts, electric motors, connector terminals and other industries.

It can also be used in all kinds of motor rotor, cell phone computer parts, USB, connector piece, shrapnel, toy parts, small spring, clock and watch parts, artisan blade, saw blade, automotive connector terminal, industrial nail, protective barbed wire, staple machine needle, horn net, bobbin, potentiometer, zipper and other industries.

125t punch press high speed stamping machine factory

Gantry 125-tons high-speed punching machine can be stamping a wide range of fields, most of them belong to metal precision parts, in line with the precision parts of high precision, high efficiency operation of a precision parts, the use of high-speed punching machine stamping, can greatly reduce production costs for the customer's business production, improve efficiency. How much is a gantry type 125 tons high speed punching machine?

Dongguan Samhoor 125 tons gantry type high-speed power press machine price:

How much does a 125 tons h-frame high speed punching machine cost? We all know that the price is composed of many aspects, raw materials, production, assembly, labor and other various factors will make the price of punching machine different, that the price of 125 tons gantry high-speed punching machine what are the factors mainly depends on?

The price of 125-ton gantry type high-speed punching machine should be based on the customer's stamping requirements, precision, stroke of the punching machine, design of the mold and configuration of peripheral equipment to estimate the final price, we suggest customers to consult with us or come to the factory to evaluate together.

Dongguan Samhoor Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of high-speed punching machines, with 17 years of production experience, as long as you need, it just so happens that we are also professional, come together to cooperate!

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