What is a C Type High Speed Stamping Machine?

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What is C-type high-speed punching machine?

C-type high-speed punching machine has the name of C-type because its shape and structure is like the letter C, open on one side and semi-encircled structure, and the crankshaft structure of C-type high-speed punching machine is relatively easy to make, which can correctly determine the position of the lower end of the stroke, and the movement curve of the slider is generally applicable to which processing, and the C-type high-speed punching machine has open punching machine body opening, which is convenient for feeding materials in the front and rear and left and right directions.

C-type high speed press punching machine

I. What are the C-type high-speed punching machines?

C-type 30 ton, 45 ton, 65 ton and 80 ton high-speed punching machines.

II. What are the advantages and disadvantages of C-type high-speed punching machines?

1.Advantages of C-type high-speed punching machines.

Generally used in the nominal pressure of about, but because of the operability, good die accessibility, easy die change and other favorable factors, still widely loved, while the machine price is also relatively low, is the mainstream of the current stamping machinery.

2.C-type high-speed punching machine disadvantages.

The C-type high-speed punching machine is not symmetrical, so the counter force when punching may cause the deformation of the front and rear opening part of the machine, and may lead to the deterioration of the parallelism of the mold, which is its major drawback.

III. What circumstances is it more appropriate to choose C-type high-speed stamping machine?

1.The nominal pressure of the punching machine must be greater than the stamping process force. However, for processes with long working strokes, it is not only necessary to meet the size of the process force, but also the working load curve.

2.The C-type high-speed punching machine ram stroke should satisfy that the part can obtain the required size in height and can be taken out from the die smoothly after the stamping process is completed. For tensile parts, the stroke should be more than twice the height of the part.

3.The number of strokes of the punching machine should meet the requirement of productivity.

4.The closing height, table size, slider size and die shank hole size of the C-type high-speed punch press should meet the requirements for proper installation of the die. For crank small punch press, the closing height of the die should be between the larger loading height and the smaller loading height of the small punch press.

IV. What products can be stamped by C-type high-speed punching machine?

1.Motor type stator: motor stator: motor stator, servo motor stator, servo motor, motor stator, stepper motor stator, Motor Stator Stamping Machine etc.

2.Mesh: protective barbed wire, horn net, razor barbed wire.

3.Led bracket: led round cup bracket, led filament bracket, Led ceramic filament bracket, LED auxiliary material bracket clip, led reverse single crystal bracket, etc.

4.Heat sink: led heat sink, copper heat sink, electronic heat sink, aluminum heat sink, triode special heat sink, circuit board heat sink, transformer heat sink, etc.

5.Connectors: automotive connector terminals, plug and socket connectors, low frequency circular connectors, rectangular connectors, printed circuit connectors, RF connectors, fiber optic connectors, Connector High Speed Stamping Press Machine etc.

6.Precision terminals: transformer EI piece, package terminals, crystal head chip, USB, connector piece, shrapnel, toy accessories, small spring, watch accessories, saw blade, shield, various cockle, metal jewelry, Prong Snap Button Metal Button High Speed Press Machine etc.

7.Lead frame: IC lead frame, semiconductor lead frame, etc.

8.Other metal stamping parts.

V. What are the standard functional accessories of C type?

Two-hand moveable button bath table

Cut / inching / safety-stroke / continuous stroke

Slider balancing device

Air spray device

Air source connector

Electric slider adjustment device

Digital mold height indicator (unit: 0.01MM)

Automatic forced circulation lubrication oiling

Lubricant cooling system

Sliding balancing device

Crankshaft angle indicator (electronic)

Reversing device

Eight-sided roller bearing guide for slider

Adopting 10-point electronic cam output signal

Frequency converter

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