What are the standard requirements for the selection of dies for high-speed punching machines?

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The arrival of high-speed punching machines has led to a broader development of our metal manufacturing industry, and this has also brought a new industrial chain for the dies used in high-speed stamping machines. The adoption of stamping dies for precision high-speed press machines not only affects the service life of the dies, but also has a direct impact on the cost of raw materials for the dies and other issues. So, how to choose the right high-speed punching die is an important task in the design of the Die.

In the case of high-speed punch press machine stamping, high-speed dies bear impact loads and work continuously, so that the convex and cavity suffer from strong working pressure and strong friction, and the working conditions are extremely extreme. Therefore, it should be stipulated that the raw material of the die has sufficient compressive strength, strength, wear resistance, good impact resistance, fatigue resistance, excellent cutting performance and its easy cutting production processing and other characteristics, and the price should be as fair as possible.

Generally speaking, it is usually very difficult to meet all of the above-mentioned requirements. Therefore, when using raw materials for dies, the characteristics of the die work, the support situation and the performance of its stamping materials and the stamping production batch should be fully considered, and there should be some preference for the above-mentioned regulations in order to make the selected raw materials as effective as possible. In a word, the cost of raw materials for dies should be made as low as possible under the condition of reaching the demand of die application.

When purchasing High Speed Presses dies, the raw materials for dies should follow the following criteria:

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(1) Adopt raw materials according to the stamping raw materials and stamping production batch of high precision high-speed punch ram machine.

(2) To meet the production and processing regulations, it should have excellent production and use performance, be conducive to cutting processing, good cutting performance and small deformation of heat treatment process.

(3) According to the type of die and the working conditions, the raw materials used should reach the application regulations and should have high compressive strength, hardness, wear resistance, impact resistance, fatigue resistance, etc.

(4) To achieve the provisions of reasonableness

The stamping dies are designed and conceived to fit the punching machine according to the proposed stamping process protocol, after careful consideration of the difficulties such as accurate positioning of the blanks, the exit of the parts, the removal of waste and other factors such as the ease of manufacturing and maintenance of the dies, and the trustworthiness of the actual operation, which are more suitable for the choice of our customers and friends.

Ultimately, we are here to make a solemn statement: we Samhoor Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. does not produce stamping dies for high-speed precision punching machine, we specialize in the production of high-speed power press, but if the customer needs, we can also for the customer from the mold enterprise unified booking mold, because the manufacturer of the mold regulations, we have a more favorable selection criteria for the mold.

Customer friends can also choose their own mold manufacturer to carry out the purchase, or you can authorize our company to choose a suitable and outstanding mold manufacturer.

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