Samhoor factory held fire emergency and evacuation and escape drills

2023-05-17 16:45:30 Mr.Li 7

In order to further strengthen the work of production safety, enhance the awareness of fire safety at the construction site, strengthen the effective production safety of the factory, so that we master the knowledge of fire prevention and accurate use of fire apparatus, improve the ability to deal with sudden fire events, effectively prevent and reduce the occurrence of fire events in the project, the organization of this six good industrial park in the fire and emergency evacuation exercises for all enterprise personnel, so that safety management to a new level.

Samhoor, high speed punch press factory to organize the staff to participate in the fire emergency organization to deal with fire drills, assessment of daily fire training, education skills and effectiveness, improve staff firefighting, evacuation, self-rescue ability and managers fire organization, coordination, command ability, and enhance the staff's fire safety awareness and ability, so that employees in the exercise by exercise and education, to further enhance fire safety awareness, so that prevention-oriented, prevention and fire combined with the policy can be better implemented.

During the fire drill, our staff kept a serious attitude and ensured that they learned the real skills of fire fighting in the fire drill and ensured the realism of the drill.

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After the drill, we summarized the following three important points:

In the event of a fire, listen to the command, pay attention to personal safety, quickly use fire-fighting equipment, fire-fighting facilities and fire-fighting water sources, sand, sacks of cotton cloth soaked in water, etc. to extinguish the fire. Cut off the power supply of the fire scene in time (you cannot use water to extinguish the fire directly before cutting off the power supply), focus on controlling the fire, extinguish the fire quickly, and guarantee the smooth evacuation and rescue work.

In case of fire, adhere to the principle of "first save people, then save things", immediately carry out evacuation and rescue work, timely evacuation of the fire scene besieged people, rescue the injured, and quickly contact with the hospital emergency center "120", timely transport of injured people to the hospital, in the first save people at the same time, organize the rescue of valuable property, documents and archives.

Do a good job of patrol inspection, timely detection of incipient fire, quickly pull the "119" phone to the fire department to report the fire, while informing the scene of the fire, take effective measures to extinguish the incipient fire, careful vigilance, prohibit extraneous people from entering the dangerous area, to prevent theft of property, protect the scene of the fire accident.

Comrades, if a fire accidentally occurs, first of all, we must remain calm, find wet wipes to cover the nose and mouth to quickly escape, and within the ability to call the "119" fire rescue phone; if the case of burns at the same time should promptly call the "120" emergency phone.

The contents of this emergency drill have been successfully completed, thanks to the guidance of the leaders present, and thanks to the co-organizers for their strong support of this drill, and thanks to the three good employees for their excellent exercises, which lay the foundation for future safety production work and make our company's safety management to a new level.

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