A Brief Introduction to High - speed Press Machine Manufacturing

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A Brief Introduction to High - speed Press Machine Manufacturing

A Brief Introduction to High - speed Press Machine Manufacturing

  Machinery manufacturing is a variety of machinery (such as presses, tools, instruments, meters, etc.) manufacturing process in general. It is a process of transforming manufacturing products into products that can be used or used by people, such as materials, energy, equipment, tools, funds, technology, information and manpower.

  The role of machinery manufacturing in the national economy and social development: the development of any industry in the national economy must rely on the support and equipment of the machinery manufacturing industry. In the composition of the national economic productivity, the manufacturing technology accounts for about 60% to 70% The Manufacturing science, information science, materials science and biological sciences four pillars of science interdependence, but the latter three kinds of science must rely on manufacturing science to form industry and create social material wealth. And the development of manufacturing science must also rely on the development of information, materials and biological sciences. Therefore, the machinery manufacturing industry is the best collection of other high-tech industrial value.

  Whether the high-speed press machine manufacturing industry can equip the various sectors of the national economy with suitable advanced technology will directly affect the development of the national economy and thus affect the economic revitalization of the whole country. Since the founding of our country for more than half a century, every development of the national economy is inseparable from the machinery industry. In the 1950s, China made its own cars, tractors, aircraft; 60 years to create the atomic energy equipment, hydraulic press, thermal power equipment and precision machine tools; 70 years of development of China's large complete sets of equipment, and later the development of nuclear power generation system, Aerospace industry in the machinery and equipment and manufacturing technology, large hydro-generators and so on.

  The 21st century advanced manufacturing technology is an important aspect of contemporary international science and technology competition, China has advanced manufacturing technology as a national key areas of development. At the same time, as a manufacturing city of Dongguan, the production of high-speed punching enterprises too numerous to mention, in the use of high-speed presses, please pay attention to the overall quality, punch speed, safety performance and after-sales service comprehensive consideration, to find the most suitable, the best use High speed punch.

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