The main content and process of automatic punch manufacturing

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The main content and process of automatic punch manufacturing
The main content and process of automatic punch manufacturing

   Automatic punch manufacturing can generally be divided into hot and cold processing two methods.
   Hot work is to study how to use the casting, forging, welding, heat treatment, surface treatment of parts and other methods of materials made of rough or direct processing: with a 'fixed performance of the rough or parts, also known as material processing engineering.

   Casting refers to the material (metal, aluminum alloy or composite material) into a liquid casting in a certain shape of the mold, the formation of condensation; forging refers to the ingot or bar, sheet at a certain temperature through the different Forging machinery to apply pressure to shape;

   Welding refers to the local melting or mutual diffusion through a number of parts spliced into complex parts or components.

Heat treatment refers to the mechanical, physical and chemical properties of the material that changes the internal structure of the part material by means of different heating and cooling methods. The heat treatment only changes the material properties and does not change the part shape.

   Parts of the surface treatment is to change the parts of the surface composition or organizational structure to improve the performance of parts.

   Mechanical Manufacturing Cold working is mainly the use of methods to blank or material into a high precision, low rough area of the parts, and parts assembled as a machine. The use of high-speed presses makes a variety of processing methods in the production capacity and efficiency has been an unprecedented increase.

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