What is high-speed stamping?

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What is high-speed stamping?
What is high-speed stamping?

High-speedstamping processing, referred to as high-speed stamping, is the use of avariety of high-speed presses, precision presses and molds to exertexternal force on metal materials. So that themetal material to produce plastic deformation or separation, to obtain acertain size, switch and performance parts processing methods. High-speedstamping parts called high-speed stamping parts, high-speed stampingprocess used in the process known as high-speed precision molds.

High-speedstamping processing of high production efficiency, wide range ofapplications, you can process metal materials, but also processingnon-metallic materials, which can create a small instrument parts, butalso to create a large car components, and even some high-precisionshape Complex parts, but also processing and manufacturing. Therefore,high-speed stamping processing is widely used in machinerymanufacturing, transportation, aviation, water transport, agriculturalmachinery, light industry, electrical, electrical, instrumentmanufacturing and other departments. In a sense,high-speed stamping processing is the most direct and effective way toimprove production efficiency and reduce product costs.

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