The Superiority of Type C Precision Punch

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The Superiority of Type C Precision Punch

The Superiority of Type C Precision Punch

  High-speed punching of thinner materials for precision punching processing has great advantages. However, it is presupposed to have the right material. If the hardness of the material is very high, but still do notproduce tear; at the same time the mold wear is small, so the mostappropriate material.

Aswe all know, C-type precision presses can be used to create a 2-stepstamping process cut surface finish nest, the size of precisionmechanical parts, which greatly shorten the processing process, whilereducing the customer's operating costs, such as labor, time and so on. Which is being popularized. Fromthe development of C-type precision presses, the beginning is to gethigh-precision mechanical parts, that is efficient production,electronic equipment, communications equipment and other precisionmachinery and small parts and universal. However,due to the large size of fine blanking equipment, the small parts ofthe processing, but also used to carry out large-scale mechanical partssuch as automotive processing. Due to the expansion of the scope of parts processing requirementsfor high hardness, low plasticity of medium and high carbon steel andlow alloy steel thick steel plate can also be precision blanking.

Samhooris committed to providing C-type, gantry high-speed precision punch,good material, accessories all imported accessories, to ensurehigh-quality products, durable. Yearsof production experience, Samhoor has worked out a more smooth road,aimed at their own better quality, better products, so that morecustomers use high-speed precision punch, zero fault, zero safetyaccident.

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