Accuracy of punching precision of high - speed punch

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Accuracy of punching precision of high - speed punch

Accuracy of punching precision of high - speed punch

  Longmen high-speed presses in the stamping process, the material thickness of the deviation requirements are more stringent. This is because, a certain die gap, suitable for stamping a certain thickness of the material. If the same die gap to punch the thickness of the larger difference between the material, then the quality and accuracy of the workpiece will be low, the die is also easy to damage. Especially in the drawing, flanging and bending process, due to uneven material thickness, may lead to the production of waste. In the case of large workpiece shaping. And may even damage the machine. Dongguan Sanhao Longmen high-speed punch stamping product accuracy range is: parallel degree of two, a vertical degree, integrated gap eight. Industry standards of high standards for customers to create better and more sophisticated products.

  The market for a variety of high-speed punch with the accuracy of the material requirements, from the relevant national standards. The technical standards in addition to the provisions of the length of the sheet, width, thickness of the dimensional tolerance, but also provides some other quality standards, such as the thickness of a material on the limit deviation and wave radian and so on. Some customers also use the high-speed punch, also provides the length of the cut conditions and width tolerance. These precision requirements are to ensure that the press down can be carried out according to the design of the layout, will not waste material. Simultaneously. But also to ensure that the material in the high-speed punch in the punch on the correct positioning, stamping after the stamping parts as far as possible perfect perfect, not missing edge is not missing

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