What is the experience of using High Speed Press to produce stamped LED light fins?

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What is the experience of using High Speed Press to produce stamped LED light fins?

Today we introduce a new production solution, LED lamp fin high-speed punching solution, LED lamp fins are also called LED fin radiators, so our press can be called LED fin radiator stamping machine or LED aluminum fin high speed punch.
LED lamp fins are also called metal fin radiators. This product should be very extensive, high-bay workshops, workshops, warehouses, logistics centers, exhibition halls, stadiums,
What is the experience of using High Speed Press to produce stamped LED light fins?

LED lamp fins can be seen in almost all places where lighting is required in shipyards, mines, highway toll stations, gas stations, supermarkets, and farmers' markets. Then how are the mass production requirements of LED UFO lamps,  LED street lamps and LED mining lamps manufacturers produced one by one? Can speed catch up with production demand? At this time, it is necessary to use a high-speed punch (C-type high-speed punch, gantry high-speed punch can be).

High-Speed just one word, I only say it once. High-speed punching machine is the best choice for stamping metal fin radiators. The production speed can reach 400 times per minute or more, mainly depending on the specifications of the metal fin radiators, and our high-speed punching machine is a fully automatic feeding punch. In the production process, we only need to pay attention to whether the aluminum strip needs to be replaced. Looking at the piece of hardware radiator fins is quickly stamped out, there is really a feeling of printing money in the printing machine!

What LED cooling fins can be produced by high-speed punching machines? Several fin cooling modules commonly found in the industry include: bulb lamp radiator tunnel lamp module, H-projection lamp module, UFO lamp module, etc., which can be quickly punched out using high-speed punching machines, LED fins. Sheet shell kit, fin bulb lamp, metal fin radiator is a stamped fin radiator based on pure aluminum and suitable for outdoor lighting, mainly used in industrial and mining lamps, tunnel lights, street lamps, bulbs, etc. The heat dissipation structure on high-power outdoor lamps helps to efficiently dissipate heat and reduce fire accidents. The use of LED lamp aluminum fin high-speed punching machine for production can greatly increase your production efficiency, save your production cost and time, and add a small text. The space is limited, you need to know more about the LED aluminum fin high-speed punching friends, please open the contact information of the website to contact us!

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