Introduction and maintenance of high - speed gantry punch

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Introduction and maintenance of high - speed gantry punch

Rollmaterial stamping is one of the basic methods of plastic forming, it isthe use of high-speed gantry punch on the mold to make the materialseparation or forming, so as to obtain the desired shape and size of thehair or parts. Rollmaterial is usually used to process metal materials (such as low carbonsteel, copper and alloy, aluminum and aluminum alloy) sheet, sheetthickness of less than 3.5mm, in general, the stamping process does notrequire heating. So also called cold stamping, sheet metal stamping is also used to process non-metallic materials.

Roll material stamping features:

1) The size of the material is exactly guaranteed by the mold, the quality is stable. Good interchangeability.

2)Roll material ratio parts with light weight, high strength and goodrigidity, in order to achieve the same structural requirements. The use of roll-type stamping excellent dry other processing methods.

3)Roll material production by die and equipment to complete theprocessing process, high productivity, easy operation, the globalmechanization and automation. The productivity of each high-speed gantry punch, as few as 200 per minute, as many as thousands of pieces per minute.

4) Volume of the mold used in the mold complex, high precision requirements. So the manufacturing cost is more expensive, it is suitable formass production, therefore, coil material stamping in the automotive,computer, LED lamps, electrical appliances, instruments, and mouthsupplies manufacturing and other production departments, are widelyused.

The maintenance of high-speed gantry presses includes: daily maintenance and maintenance of equipment accessories.

(1) in strict accordance with the enterprise to develop the machine maintenance system for daily maintenance.

(2) regular inspection and replacement of seals to prevent leakage of hydraulic systems;

(3) regularly check the oil in the tank, filter, replace;

(4) check the cooler and heater work performance, control oil temperature;

(5) regularly check the cleaning or replacement of hydraulic parts, filter, check the cleaning tank and pipe regularly;

Equipmentaccessories maintenance: automatic tool changer is the processingcenter is different from other high-speed punch characteristics of thestructure. Ithas the function of automatically changing the required tool accordingto the processing technology requirements, so as to help the high-speedgantry punch save time and meet the requirements of multi-process andstep-by-step processing in one installation. Therefore,in the operation and use should pay attention to often check theautomatic tool changer components of the mechanical structure of theoperation is working properly, whether there is an anomaly; checklubrication is good, and pay attention to tool change reliability andsafety check.

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