Stamping Process of Automatic Feeding High Speed Press

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Stamping Process of Automatic Feeding High Speed Press

  In the process of punching on the basis of analysis, automatic feeding high-speed press according to the characteristics of the blanking to determine the punching process program. The first consideration to determine the process plan is to determine the number of processes for punching, the combination of punching process and the order of the blanking process. The number of blanking steps is generally easy to determine, the key is to determine the combination of punching process and punching process sequence.

Stamping Process of Automatic Feeding High Speed Press

  Blanking process combination: Blanking process combination can be divided into single process punching, composite punching and continuous punching. The mold used corresponds to a single process mode, compound die, continuous mode. The general combination of punching process than the single process punching production efficiency, processing precision grade high. The combination of the blanking process can be determined according to the following factors:

(1) According to the production batch to determine In general, small batch and trial production using a single process mode, medium and high volume production using composite die or continuous mode.

(2) According to the blanking size and accuracy level to determine: composite blanking punching pieces of high dimensional accuracy level, to avoid a number of single-step punching positioning error, and in the stamping process can be pressed material. Punching more flat. Continuous punching is lower than the composite punching accuracy level.

(3) According to the adaptability of the shape of the hedging piece to determine: stamping parts of the smaller size, taking into account the single process feeding inconvenience and low productivity, often using composite punching or continuous punching. For the medium-sized punching parts, the cost of making multiple pairs of single-process molds is more expensive than the composite molds,

   When the punch on the hole between the hole or the distance between the hole and the edge is too small, should not be used compound punch or single punching process, should adopt continuous punching. So continuous punching can be processed complex shape, the width of the small-shaped punching pieces, and the thickness of the material can be blanked than the compound Chongzai to large, but the continuous load by the press table size and process number of restrictions The cut should not be too big.

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