How much does a 30-ton high speed precision punching machine?

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30 tons precision high speed punching machine price - How much does a 30-ton high speed precision punching machine cost?

Elite people who know about punching machines know that there are two types of precision high-speed punching machines, one is C-type high-speed punching machine; the other is gantry high-speed stamping machine. Samhoor precision machinery also has these two types of high-speed punching machines, C-type high-speed punching machines have 30-80 tons, gantry high-speed punching machines have 30-200 tons. The price of each high-speed punching machine varies depending on its process, stability performance, speed, etc. How much is a 30-ton high-speed punching machine?

Approximate price under each brand

We all know that the prices under these big brands such as domestic Yangli, domestic Castrol Ming, and Taiwan High General are relatively high. If you have a limited budget and want to have the technical quality of High General, you may want to take a look at our high-speed punching machines from Samhoor, the price of high-speed punching machines ranges from more than 100,000 RMB to two million RMB. The detailed cost depends on the tonnage requirements, the production of the mold, as well as the freight costs in the region, the configuration of peripheral equipment and other requirements to decide, the price is affordable, quality assurance.

High Speed Stamping Power Press Machine Manufacturer [Precision Presses supplier From China]

High Speed Stamping Power Press Machine Manufacturer [Precision Presses supplier From China]

The construction of Samhoor 30 tons high speed punching machine is described as follows.

1. Taiwan foundry, high strength cast iron, annealed, vibration stress relief and other processes, thus ensuring long-term accuracy. 

2. Dynamic balance system: the latest design of the current high-speed punching machine, reducing the vibration of the punching machine to the extreme, thus ensuring the accuracy of the stamping products.

3. Taiwan TECO inverter and motor, speed control system, the speed can reach 1000r/min, and the speed is stable with zero error. 

4. Easy upward adjustment of die height system: Adopting Taiwan's excellent Yamada hydraulic locking pump and Taiwan's precise die height indicator, the precision is accurate to 0.01mm for easy and accurate adjustment of die height.

5. Air filtration system: Adopt Taiwan (gold ware) two parts, filter out the water in the air to ensure the dryness of the air parts of the punching machine to extend the life. 

6. roller feeder: can be equipped according to customer's demand. 

7. Shock-absorbing foot: Equipped with Taiwan Yixin air cushion foot to ensure that the punching machine does not have any vibration to the ground, thus ensuring the stable quality of the stamped products. 

8. Electrical parts: switches, buttons, contactors, etc. are equipped with Japanese Fuji switches to ensure the safety and stability of the punching machine's electricity.

9. Computer controller: Equipped with Taiwan imported microcomputer control unit, all information is displayed on the desktop, which is convenient for work and maintenance, with complete functions, such as 1 group of end material detection, 2 groups of misfeed detection, 3 groups of scissor system, 2 groups of blowing material, dead stop, emergency stop, two-hand start, counting system, etc.

10. Bearings: all adopt Japan Seiko NSK bearings, stable quality, low wear and long life.

11. Solenoid valve: Adopt American MAC low voltage solenoid valve, with low temperature rise, low noise and precise speed up to 12000 times/min.

12. Forced lubrication system: Adopt Taiwan Veliang lubrication system to ensure the oil supply of the lubricating part of the punching machine, reduce the wear of the punching machine and improve the life of the punching machine.

13. Oil seal: Adopt American (MPA) oil seal to reduce the oil leakage of the punching machine and ensure the cleanliness of the punching machine.

14. Clutch: Equipped with Taiwan Hualin dry type device, working and stopping safely and quickly, without inertia interference.

15. Copper sleeve: with Taiwan imported raw materials, good flexibility, dynamic friction reduced to the lowest point.

16. electric control box: independent electric control box, all functions and operations of the punching machine are handled centrally.

17. Tool box: inflatable nozzle, air gun, grease gun, hexagonal wrench, movable wrench.

18. Punching machine accuracy: balance within 2 bars, perpendicularity within 1 bar, integrated gap within 8 bars, 1mm = 100 bars (filaments) = 1000U.

We will quote the exact price of the 30-ton high-speed punching machine according to the requirements of your stamping parts, the configuration of the peripheral equipment, the design of the mold, etc. If you want to know how much you want this high-speed punching machine, come and contact us to evaluate it.

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