High speed punching machine case study-Metal Button Stamping Line

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In today's economic downturn, it makes sense to optimize the production line. The optimized line will be more efficient and will produce more parts in the same amount of time, thus reducing the production cost of parts and the cost of using the equipment. Especially in the stamping line for metal buttons, where the investment in equipment is relatively large, optimization is equally important. So how is a metal button stamping line set up?

I. High-efficiency metal button stamping configuration

Generally speaking, the button products are basically equipped with high-speed punching machines considering high efficiency. The button stamping solutions provided by our Samhoor Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. usually include the following equipment in the whole line.

1. High-speed punching machine

High-speed punching machine is faster than ordinary punching machine in stamping speed, the number of strokes of punching machine can reach 200-1000 times per minute, high efficiency, lower production cost and high output.

2. High Speed Roller Feeder

High speed roller feeder is used with high-speed punching machine to establish a connection with the punching machine through the punching machine output shaft, and the high-speed punching machine gives power to the feeder, which can reduce the failure rate and improve the productivity.

3. Material rack

The flat disc material rack is suitable for high-speed material discharge, which can put multiple rolls of material on it at one time, saving the time of material change and ensuring uninterrupted production.

4. Moulds

Moulds can be designed according to the customer's product and output requirements such as one out of one mold, one out of two moulds, one out of three moulds and even one out of five moulds. Samhoor Precision Machinery has rich experience in production design, and can design suitable production line according to customer's demand, to escort your stamping production line.

5. Water circulation system

In order to improve the safety and reliability of button stamping and other performance, Samhoor Precision Machinery has created a new water circulation system to reduce the high temperature of button stamping and stretching and to protect the quality of buttons.

II. Demonstration of production process

Buttons stamping line.jpg

III. The display of semi-finished and finished products

Buttons stamping products.jpg

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