What are the developments and solutions for high-speed punching machines for new energy motors?

2022-09-30 10:40:31 Mr.Li 15

In recent years, people's awareness of environmental protection has increased, resulting in the rapid development of new energy, especially the development of a large number of domestic new energy vehicle drive motor, and this has pushed the development of precision high-speed punching machine to a new field.

The pull of rising market demand for new energy vehicle drive motors has prompted some domestic high-speed press manufacturers such as Dongguan Samhoor Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. to step up the pace of production and begin to accelerate the development of corresponding press equipment.

What are the technical characteristics of the high-speed punching machine for Saamhoor new energy motor?

SAH-125 H-Frame motor stator rotor stamping high speed stamping machine

1. Light weight and high rigidity of machine body

The gantry type high-speed punching machine with six round guide pillars is designed with reasonable parts structure, which not only ensures the rigidity of parts support, but also realizes the light weight. The machine body is high-strength cast iron, stress relieved to ensure long-term accuracy and high rigidity.

2. High-speed stability and high efficiency

The advanced dynamic balancing system, together with the external vibration damping structure, can maintain stable and reliable operation even at ultra-high speed. High-speed power press machine is suitable for mass production of electronic and hardware parts because its punching times can reach 1000 times per minute.

85t H-Type New energy battery spare parts stamping high speed punching machine

3. High precision

Excellent design structure, advanced and reliable production method, high performance parts such as Japanese NSK bearings ensure high static accuracy of the equipment, and with the precision feeding mechanism and high speed stability of the machine, high dynamic accuracy is ensured. The performance of the whole machine is at the international advanced level, and it can meet the demand of high-speed automatic stamping production of new energy motor 0.15~0.35 thin material with almost negligible change of the lower dead point in micron level.

4. Reliable operation, high safety, operation automation

Adopting Taiwan dry clutch brake system, American ROSS solenoid valve, advanced upper dead stop device and overload protection device to ensure the reliability, accuracy and safety of punching machine slider operation as well as stopping. It can be equipped with different grades and rules of automatic feeders for automatic biochemical, and through reasonable product combination, it can easily realize the production mode of one person managing multiple machine positions.

The development of new energy drive motors, thus pulling the vigorous expansion of high-speed punching machines, has brought new opportunities to high-speed stamping machine manufacturers!

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