Samhoor professional high-speed punching machine factory to explain the development of new energy motor stator punching press dynamics

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Samhoor professional high-speed punching machine factory to explain the 

development of new energy motor stator punching press dynamics

I. How did the high-speed punching machine get involved with the new energy motor stator?

People who often drive around know that the oil prices in these years have shown an explosive rise in the pattern, so as to break the highest point of the historical record. Due to the soaring oil prices, the development of new energy power in China has sprouted like a spring. The main core of new energy power is mostly driven by electric motors, so the demand for electric motors has risen, and the main components of motors in the same industry, motor stator parts will be in high demand. And such a motor stator, because of its high requirements for precision and flatness, thus catering to the development of high-speed power press machine needs. Faced with the high demand of motor stator in the market, Samhoor high-speed punching machine therefore has an interesting chance to tie up with the stamping of new energy motor stator.

II. A complete solution for stator stamping of new energy motors?

Samhoor high-speed punching machine is one of the benchmark enterprises within the punching machine industry in China, focusing on the production of high-speed punching machine for 17 years of experience, carrying rich technical strength, high-end quality, and excellent team to support the Samhoor enterprise to the world. How does Samhoor high-speed punching machine solve the stamping solution of new energy motor stator?

Samhoor high-speed punching machine provides such a complete set of production solutions as follows.

1. Main equipment: High-speed stamping machine.

Punching Machine users can use two types of high-speed punching machines, C-type high-speed punching machine and gantry-type high-speed stamping machine.

2. Peripheral configuration.

Gear feeder, S-type leveling machine.

Among them, the leveling speed of the leveling machine can reach 60m/min, and the leveling speed can be adjusted with the frequency converter to realize the complete synchronization with the high-speed stamping machine.

In case of EI sheet stamping, U-type leveling machine is often used. 

3. Material rack.

 Double-headed material rack, no need to wait for material change, enhance the efficiency of the whole line.

motor stator rotors stamping parts

III. What are the advantages of high-speed punching machine to solve the new energy motor stator production solution?

1. High quality of the motor stator rotor

Since each rotor is continuously wound with strips made of strong plastic and pressed at high speed, the material itself or artificial differences are reduced and gaps between films are avoided, resulting in better dimensional accuracy, surface finish and performance than traditional punching type rotors.

2. High material utilization rate

Since the volume of raw materials and each tooth are staggered in the initial processing of the high-speed press, there is a large waste of raw materials, while the material utilization rate can be increased by 70% with the high-speed press stamping machine.

3. Flatness

Since the positioning device ensures the flatness of the rotor on the lower end face of the plastic by making the starting end and the overrun position of the high-speed press molding pine rotor on the same line.

4. Low material change cost

The use of high-speed punching machine double material frame, you can enjoy the uncoiling of the outgoing side, with the punching machine peripheral leveler, feeder and other gear, you can use the press feed simultaneously, thus greatly improving the efficiency and reducing manufacturing costs.

IV. What are the unique advantages of Samhoor high-speed punching machine for stamping new energy motor stator?

1. Excellent structural design, advanced and reliable manufacturing method can not only greatly improve the service life of the progressive die, but also make the parallelism and perpendicularity of the manufactured motor stator rotor better.

2. High-speed punching machine with ultra-high lower dead point accuracy, high rigidity and reliable machine safety system, which makes the ram extremely stable during the stamping process, thus improving the quality of the stator core punching sheet automatically stacked in the die to form the iron core.

3. The advanced upper dead stop device and overload protection device ensure the reliability, accuracy and safety of the ram operation and stop.

125ton motor stator high speed stamping machine

45ton rotor stator high speed power press machine

The new energy motor stator production line, which is an extension of the traditional punching machine application field, has put forward higher requirements on the performance of high-speed punching machines and peripheral equipment. Samhoor High Speed Punching Machine keeps developing and innovating the performance of high speed stamping machine to adapt and even leap forward to help the flourishing development of new energy industry.

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