Do you know where you can buy the high-quality high speed stamping machines?

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Do you know where you can buy the high-quality high speed stamping machines?

In this fast-paced era, people seem to be very busy, and sometimes they don't dare to relax even when they have a tea to catch their breath in order to give their families a better life. In such a fast-paced world, only high efficiency work can help people relax for a moment. Speaking of high efficiency, do you know how workers can work more efficiently? That is to have a high-speed machine.

Entrepreneurs who produce metal stamping parts must have heard of high-speed punching machines! High-speed presses have good performance and high precision, and can produce stamping parts more efficiently. High-speed punching machine can punch about 1000 per minute, such stamping speed, greatly enhance the efficiency of the manufacturer's capacity efficient operation. So, the question arises, since the high-speed punching machine can produce stamping parts with high efficiency, where can we buy the high-end quality and excellent performance of high-speed punching machine?

Dongguan Samhoor Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a national key high-tech enterprise base dedicated to the research and development, design, production and after-sales of high-speed precision punching machinery and equipment.

General Office

Samhoor precision machinery limited company manufacturer profile:

Dongguan Samhoor Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Humen Town, Dongguan City, the manufacturing industry in Guangdong Province, the location is superior, convenient transportation, is a brand manufacturer specializing in the production of high-speed stamping machines, long-term service in the punching machine and punching machine peripheral equipment at the forefront of high-tech position. Samhoor Company to research, development, equipment innovation, and for the industry's current problems, solve the industry demand service as the leading, and constantly improve the manufacturing capacity of enterprises, the formation of an always at the forefront of the industry's R & D and operation of the excellent team, and with the majority of customers' full support, so that Samhoor company to continue to grow and expand.

After more than ten years of development and innovation, SamHoor has successfully created the brand "SamHoor 三好" with "good quality, good service, and good price", and the gantry high-speed punching machine has become the benchmark product in the industry. The company has set up several offices and after-sales service stations throughout the country to better serve our customers.

Production Workshop

According to the product quality requirements, the company has established a strict quality inspection system. The company has strictly controlled and managed all the links related to product quality, established scientific inspection standards, and standardized the inspection indexes and assigned responsibilities to ensure that the company continues to produce qualified and high-quality products.

Samhoor Machinery has innovated and developed a new generation of punching machines after combining with Japanese technology. Our press stamping machine types are: C-type and gantry H-type high-speed punching machines. The innovation of technology, the support of reputation and the guarantee of quality, as well as the first-class accessories complementing Samhoor's products, these will surely make our customers' partner's industry play a greater advantage.

How to choose a high-speed precision punching machine manufacturer?

1. Based on the number of products to be stamped and the speed required.

Manufacturers who have been using low speed punching machines before and are not satisfied with the current low speed and want to punch at a speed of 150 times or more can choose to replace the high-speed precision press stamping machine.

2. Determine according to the precision of the products to be stamped.

There are C-type and gantry-type punching machines for high-speed punching. The gantry type high-speed precision stamping machine is superior to the C-type press punching machine in terms of production accuracy, stability and speed due to its special advanced production process. Therefore, if the user has particularly high requirements for the stamped products and the budget is sufficient, he must choose the gantry type high-speed punching machine.

3. Determined by the product to be stamped.

  • The material of the stamped part product, it must be metal material before stamping can be done.

  • The thickness and width of the product. Thicknesses greater than 3.5mm are generally not suitable for high-speed stamping, and the width of the stamped product will be constrained by the high speed die.

  • By the characteristics of the design of the stamping process of the high-speed press, the material of its stamped parts must be coiled or strip material, otherwise, high-speed stamping cannot be performed.

4. Depending on the nature of the stamping process to be accomplished, the size of the production lot, the geometry of the stamped part (wrapped through thickness, whether to be stretched or not, the shape of the sample) and the accuracy requirements.

For the production of small and medium-sized parts, the open type mechanical punching machine is used.

For the production of medium-sized stamping parts, closed type mechanical punching machines are used.

Small batch production, the production of large thick plate stamping parts using hydraulic presses.

For large volume production or large volume production of complex parts at the beginning, high speed punching machine is used for production.

Products that can be stamped by Samhoor high-speed precision punching machine.

  • Precision terminal hardware parts

  • Various sizes of mesh stamping

  • Various types of heat sink stamping

  • Various kinds of led bracket stamping on lamps

  • All kinds of metal lead frame stamping

  • Various servo motor rotor stator stamping

  • And so on......

Samhoor gantry high-speed precision punching machine price:

Our high-speed punching machine equipment is led by high-end quality building, the accessories used are first-class accessories, such as the use of Japanese Seiko NSK bearings, stable quality, low wear and long life; the use of the United States MAC low voltage solenoid valve, low temperature rise, low noise, accurate speed to 12,000 times / minute, the United States MAC low voltage solenoid valve, is the fastest solenoid valve in the world today; the use of the United States ( MPA) oil seal to reduce the oil leakage of the punching machine and ensure the cleanliness of the punching machine, etc. First-class accessories, coupled with a rigorous process, we produce a press that belongs to the high-end quality of high-speed punching equipment.

The C-type high-speed punching machine uses a three-link guide pillar, while the gantry high-speed punching machine uses a six-link guide pillar. The gantry punching machine is more stable in performance and quality, and the price is slightly higher than the C-type punching machine because the gantry high-speed punching machine can bring you more production benefits. If your stamping parts require high rigidity, we recommend you to purchase gantry high-speed punching machine. 

Tonnage of punching machine of Samhoor high-speed precision punching machine manufacturer:

Gantry high-speed punching machine: 30 tons, 45 tons, 65 tons, 85 tons, 125 tons, 200 tons.

C-type high-speed punching machine: 30 tons, 45 tons, 65 tons, 80 tons.

Aim of Samhoor Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd:

Safe and efficient, engineering pioneer, quality wins the world - Samhoor Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Samhoor is willing to dance with the world's leading enterprises, cooperate with you and work together to create a better future.

Samhoor Company

Samhoor's Chinese transliteration: three advantages,Expressed as: good quality, good price, good service.This is the request of Samhoor High Speed Press,But also the purpose of customer service.

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