What products can be stamped by high-speed precision presses?

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Punch press entrepreneurs know that a punch press is actually a stamping type of press, while high speed precision stamping is an intelligent press. In national production, the stamping process of high-speed precision punching machine has more advantages than traditional machining, such as high-speed precision punching machine can save materials, save energy, high efficiency, good precision, strong stability, and because the high-speed precision punching machine is intelligent and automatic, its technical requirements for operators only need to have a certain foundation of punching machine, and through various die applications can also make products that cannot be achieved by traditional machining. The advantages of high-speed precision punching machines are becoming more and more widespread because they are intelligent and automated, and require only a certain level of operator skill.

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What products can be processed by high-speed precision punching machines?

High-speed press stamping is mainly through the stamping die, feeder conveyor belt material or coil material and stamping out the drop, punching, forming, deep drawing, trimming, fine punching, shaping, riveting and extrusion parts, etc., widely used in various fields. 

Such as some of our more common household appliances: metal cups, metal cupboards, switches and sockets, connector terminals, etc.; 

Concertina razor wire presses stamping line; 

Terminal Block Connectors Press Stamping Machine

Razor barbed tape wire stamping machine; computer cases;

Computer radiators and other computer components;

Stainless Steel Cable Tie Press Punching Machine;

Cell phone antenna shrapnel, watch discs, precision mechanical instruments, automotive terminals, hardware appliances, LED bracket, IC frame, motor stator, servo motor stator, electronic core,;

Air Loom Reed Sheet Rapier loom Reed Presses; motor stator sheet, transformer EI sheet, textile steel From small metal buttons and zipper heads on our personal clothing to accessories for missiles and airplanes and so on.

All those that we can use high-speed precision punching machines with corresponding stamping dies to produce them.

Although ordinary punching machines can also punch some household appliances and other stamping parts, but for stamping parts with high precision requirements, the choice of high-speed precision punching machines is a very economical, efficient and cost-effective choice. How to choose between ordinary punching machine and high-speed punching machine? Please refer to the homepage for details.

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