How much does 45 tons high speed precision punching machine?

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Samhoor 45 tons high speed punch machine, there are two types. One is a C-Type 45 tons high speed stamping machine, two is the gantry 45 tons high speed punch machine. Is there a price difference between these two types of high-speed punch press? How much does a 45 tons high speed punching machine?

Different stamping parts and different precision requirements will make us choose different models of high-speed punching machines, different models, different configuration of parts, naturally, the price is also different.


How to choose between C-type 45-ton and gantry type 45-ton high-speed punching machine?

It can be first based on the specifications of the stamping part grinding tool and the working pressure of the stamping for the stamping press.

1. The nominal diameter of the selected high-speed punching machine must exceed the total punching working pressure needed for stamping.

2. The stroke arrangement of high-speed punching machine should be moderate: the stroke arrangement as well as the key height to width ratio of the hazard grinder lead is too large, and the die holder and guide plate are separated out of the guide plate die or through the way of guide pillar guide sleeve.

3. High-speed punching machine closing height to width ratio should be consistent with the closing height to width ratio of the stamping die, that is, the closing height to width ratio of the stamping die is close to the middle of the larger closing height to width ratio and the least closing height to width ratio of the high-speed punching machine.

4. Air filtration system: filter out the water when there is water in the air compressor to ensure the dryness of the air parts of the punching machine and prolong the service life of the electrical parts.

5. Solenoid valve: control the electromagnetic switch of the clutch of the punching machine with high accuracy and speed.

6. Lubrication system: C-type gantry standard, gantry high-speed punching machine is also equipped with oil cooler

     A. Lubricating all moving parts of the punching machine

     B. Cool down the high temperature parts

7. Oil seal: to prevent oil leakage.

8. Die locking system: to facilitate die erection

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Application areas of 45 tons high speed precision punching machine.

Punching material thickness if 3.5mm or less raw materials, can be selected different models of high-speed punching machine for stamping, which exactly what are?

If the thickness of the material is less than 3.5mm, the 45-ton high speed press can punch motor stators, transformer EI piece, crystal head chip, USB, connector piece, shrapnel, toy accessories, small spring, watch accessories, razor barbed wire, saw blade, car connector terminal, industrial nail, protective barbed wire, horn net, bobbin piece, potentiometer, metal zipper, clawless buckle, LED bracket, small Stretching parts, shield, all kinds of chicken eye, metal jewelry, heat sink, power plug, screw gasket, battery cap, four lines, warp, secondary tube, tertiary tube, resistors, etc.

After reading the above, do you have an idea of the price of 45 tons high speed punching machine in your mind? The price will be different for different stamping parts, different dies, different requirements and different models. Come and see if your stamping parts are suitable for C-type or gantry type high-speed punching machine before further evaluating the total cost!

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