How much does a 65 tons high speed punching machine?

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There are two types of high-speed punching machines, one is C-type high-speed punching machine and the other is gantry high-speed punching machine. How much does a 65-ton high-speed punching machine? Samhoor Company will evaluate the cost of a 65-ton high-speed punching machine according to the requirements of the precision of your stamping parts, the specifications of your dies, and the configuration of the periphery etc.

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65 tons high-speed punching machine features of Dongguan Samhoor.

1. Precision assurance:

(1) Crankshaft, worm wheel and other key transmission parts are precision machined and effectively treated and surface strengthened to ensure excellent comprehensive mechanical characteristics of key transmission parts and high surface wear resistance.

(2) The use of fully enclosed forced lubrication, to ensure that the bed castings and other main components can fully dissipate heat, so that the bed and other main components of the heat deformation is effectively controlled to ensure the long-term stability of the machine performance.

(3) Adopting Japan NSK bearings and other high-performance components, whose high-precision and high-life characteristics ensure the long-term stability and operability of the supporting components.

2. Safe and reliable operation

Adopting Taiwan dry clutch brake system, American MAC solenoid valve, advanced upper dead stop device and overload protection device to ensure the reliability, accuracy and safety of punching machine ram operation and stop.

3. Convenient mold adjustment function

Adopting advanced mold adjustment system (mold height display, hydraulic mold lock, manual mold adjustment), the adjustment accuracy can reach 0.01mm, the adjustment method is safe and convenient.

4. Operation automation

Different grades and specifications of automatic feeding machine can be configured for automatic production. Through a reasonable combination of products, it is convenient to realize the production method of one person managing multiple machine stations.

Dongguan Samhoor’s 65 tons high speed stamping machine application areas:

High-speed power press machine can be widely used in stamping precision electronics, power plugs, potentiometers, communications, computers, household appliances, connector pieces, auto parts, auto connector terminals, motor stator, LED bracket, transformer EI piece, crystal head chip, USB, shrapnel, toy accessories, small springs, watch accessories, razor barbed wire, saw blades, industrial nails, protective barbed wire, horn net, bobbin piece, metal zipper, small stretching parts, shield, various metal jewelry, heat sink, screw gasket, battery cap, four-pipe, warp sheet, secondary tube, tertiary tube, resistor, etc.

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High-speed punching machine application area is wide of Dongguan Samhoor Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. How much is the specific price of 65-ton high-speed press machine, come and evaluate it with us please. Dongguan Samhoor welcomes you to visit the factory for exchange and cooperation.

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