Talking about the importance of daily maintenance of high-speed punching machines

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The arrival of high-speed punching machines has brought a boon to various industries. High-speed punching machine has the characteristics of high speed, high precision and high stability, which makes the production of enterprises more efficient, and therefore brings the rapid growth of social production value. Here is Samhoor Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. to introduce you the importance of maintenance of high-speed punching machines.

Maintenance manual

Why high-speed punching machine to maintain maintenance?

We all know that machinery will have a certain life span, so do you know how to maintain the maintenance of high-speed punching machines? In addition to the correct and reasonable operation of high-speed punching machines, the operating staff must also be serious about the daily maintenance work of high-speed punching machines. Because the high-speed punching machine in the process of operation, due to system failure, parts failure, mechanical wear and tear or chemical corrosion, etc., will inevitably cause abnormal work phenomenon, such as loose, abnormal ringing, etc. In order to avoid damage too quickly, prevent the expansion of the fault, as well as to protect the safety of the operator, we must do a good job in the daily use of high-speed punching machine maintenance work.

How to maintain the high-speed press stamping machine?

How to maintain the high-speed punching machine? Let's look at the following aspects.

I. The significance of precision high-speed punching machine maintenance

* Extend the service life of high-speed punching machine, reduce unnecessary wear and tear and failure.

* Careful maintenance can keep the punching machine in better running condition and improve production efficiency.


II. The precision high-speed press maintenance requirements

1. lubrication system after the first use of two months, to clean the oil tank, pipeline, filter, and change the oil once, and later can be cleaned every six months, and according to the actual situation, regular oil changes, cleaning.

2. Electrical system: frequency converter, terminal screws, AC contactor, push button switch, micro switch, microcomputer control box, etc. should be checked once a month.

3. Accuracy check

A. Accuracy check once a year, please check according to the accuracy check record sheet attached to this product.

B. If the sliding surface is worn, repair or replace the guide pillar and copper sleeve before correcting the accuracy. When checking the accuracy, pay attention to ensure that the flatness of the table is parallel.

4. Maintenance book record

At the end of each day, the operator should check the use of each part of the high-speed punching machine one by one, and carefully fill out the "punching machine preventive maintenance card" to exclude omissions and cause unnecessary loss; if the regular inspection should fill out the "punching machine periodic inspection form" to develop the habit of maintenance records to maintain good high-speed punching machine performance.

III. High-speed punching machine maintenance precautions

As the saying goes: there are specialties in the field! High-speed punching machine maintenance, electrical system maintenance, precision inspection needs to be carried out by professional technical personnel. If there is no professional technician, please contact with three good high-speed punching machine company for home maintenance and guidance.

V. The maintenance of precision high-speed punching dies

The service life of punching dies depends on reasonable die structure, high manufacturing accuracy, good heat treatment effect and correct selection of punching machine, die installation accuracy of punching machine, etc. Besides, the correct use, maintenance and repair of dies is also a link that cannot be ignored, for which the following points should be noted.

1.Dirt cleaning

Before the installation of Samhoor high-speed stamping machine dies, strict inspection should be made to remove the dirt and check whether the guide sleeve of the die and the die are well lubricated.

2. Die base

Regularly check the rotating column and die installation base of the high-speed punching machine to ensure the same complementary accuracy of the upper and lower turntables.

3. Die orientation

Install the convex and concave dies on the turntable according to the installation procedure of the dies to ensure that the direction of the convex and concave dies is the same, especially for the dies with directional requirements (non-circular and square) more attentively to prevent wrong and reverse installation.

4. Softness of installation tools

Stamping personnel should use softer metal (such as copper, aluminum, etc.) made of operating tools to prevent damage to the mold when knocking or smashing during installation.

5. Inspection after the installation of the mold

After the installation of the mold, check whether the fastening screws of the mold installation base are locked correctly.

6. Timely sharpening

When the die and die edge of the punching machine are worn out, stop using them and sharpen them in time, otherwise they will rapidly expand the degree of wear of the die edge, accelerate the die wear and reduce the quality of the punching parts and die life.

7. Spring replacement

To ensure the service life of the die, the spring of the die should also be replaced regularly to prevent the spring from fatigue damage affecting the use of the die.

8.Anti-rust treatment

The die should be put back to the designated position in time after use, and make oiling to prevent rust treatment.

9. Mold transportation

During the transportation of molds, we should take them lightly and never allow them to be thrown or touched, so as not to damage the edges and guides of the molds;

10.Mold backup

For the common molds used in mass production, there should be a backup in order to rotate the production and ensure the production needs.

VI. Precision of high-speed punching machine maintenance process

1.The lubricating grease spitting oil volume and pressure detection function test and adjustment.

2. Air system filter, oiler adjusting valve and other functions and water impurity test and adjustment.

3.Air pressure switch setting value check and pressure detection function test and adjustment.

4. Check and adjust the sprockets, chains, drive shafts, worm gears and other parts of the mold height adjustment device for looseness and abnormalities and chain tension.

5. Gearbox top cover disassembly, internal parts wear and key looseness inspection, lubricant oil quality, noise, vibration test inspection.

6. Test and adjust the oil volume of the oil injection point of each part of the transmission system.

7. Test and adjust the piston action, brake angle, brake clearance and wear of the lining plate of the brake mechanism.

8.The clearance measurement and friction surface inspection of slide guide and guide path, and make adjustment and correction if necessary.

9. Add manual lubricating grease to flywheel bearings and check piping and joints.

10.Balance cylinder action and oil lubrication system oil circuit, joints, etc. test and check.

11.Test and check the insulation resistance of motor circuit and electrical operation circuit.

12.Test the accuracy of the whole machine (verticality, parallelism, integrated clearance, etc.) and adjust and correct if necessary.

13.Punching machine appearance and accessories cleaning, inspection and mechanical foot (foundation) fastening screws, nuts locking and leveling inspection, if necessary, adjustment.

14.Lubrication oiling system of the pump, pipeline valve, etc. clean maintenance and inspection.

15. Air system of pneumatic components, piping, etc. cleaning and maintenance and action test inspection.

VII. Precision high-speed punching machine maintenance items

1.The performance test of photoelectric safety device and the test adjustment of projection angle and area.

2. Electrical system appearance of other parts, contact wear and loosening of the linkage and other point inspection,

3.Overload protection device oil circuit cleaning, oil chamber cleaning, oil replacement and pressure action and function testing and adjustment.

4. Main motor V-belt wear and tension inspection and adjustment.

5. Disassembly and decomposition of all parts of the brake machine structure, cleaning and maintenance, clearance inspection and adjustment, and installation and commissioning.

6. Disassembly and disassembly of other parts of the balancer, cleaning, inspection and reassembly.

Generally speaking, the main responsibility of maintenance is to create a good environment for the use of high-speed presses, the main items of maintenance work is not in more than simple and easy to do, the key is whether long-term persistence. I hope the above content can bring some value to customers, and I also hope that the entrepreneurs who need it can better apply and learn, and bring more benefits to everyone.

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