What is the difference between a precision punching machine and an ordinary punch press?

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In many mechanical industries, punch presses are essential equipment for the production of molds and metal stamping parts. There are many types and models of punching machines. What is the difference between high-speed punching machines and normal punching machines? Is it just the difference in speed? Is it that the high speed is better than the normal one? Let's analyze the following slowly.

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1. Precision high-speed punching machine body

Body material: The body material of high-speed punching machine is made of high-strength cast iron and tempered by stress relief and natural aging treatment, and the structure is made of integrated special cast iron alloy, which has high rigidity and high vibration resistance, ensuring its small deformation coefficient and stable accuracy; while the ordinary punching machine is not.

2. Punching machine speed

In terms of speed, the general speed of ordinary punching machines is below 200 times; while the stroke speed of high-speed punching machines is within 200~1000 times per minute.

3. Precision high-speed punching machine accuracy

Precision: ordinary punching machines have general precision and precision; while those of high-speed punching machines are all high precision, even up to 0.01mm.

4. Punching Machine Tooling

Die: The die of ordinary punching machine is mainly single stamping die, which has high maintenance cost; while the die of high-speed punching machine can be either single stamping die or continuous feed die/progressive die.

5. Precision high-speed punching machine eccentric shaft

Eccentric shaft: The design strength of the eccentric shaft of high-speed punching machine is much stronger than that of ordinary punching machine, which can withstand larger force and is not easy to deform.

6. Precision high-speed punching machine system

System stability: The main system of high-speed punching machine adopts pressure display, which is a little more stable.

7. Precision high-speed punching machine operation

Operation method: Ordinary punching machines have hand-pull, foot-pedal and CNC type; high-speed punching machines are all CNC punching machines, fully automatic feeding, and specially equipped with dynamic balancing and balancing pads.

8. Application areas of punching machines

Application areas: Common punching machines are mainly used in cold stamping processes such as forming and drop-in of spare parts for electronic components and other industries, while high-speed punching machines are widely used in the manufacture of high precision parts.

9. Auxiliary devices

High-speed precision punching machines are usually equipped with auxiliary devices such as leveling, automatic feeding, strip lubrication and scrap cutting, while ordinary punching machines are not.

10. Price of Precision High Speed Punching Machine

Price: Since the spare parts and performance of high-speed punching machines are better than those of ordinary punching machines, and high-speed punching machines are equipped with auxiliary devices such as automatic feeders, the price of high-speed punching machines is naturally higher than that of ordinary punching machines.

11. Application range

Ordinary punching machine is widely applied, single piece or batch can be, but the speed is low and efficiency is poor; high speed punching machine is restricted in application, not suitable for single piece and small batch, corresponding to single large batch with high production efficiency.

Ordinary punching machine: it is suitable for various cold stamping processes such as forming, falling, punching, bending, etc. It is widely used in electronic components, instrumentation, toys, automobiles, tractors and other industries.

High-speed punching machine: Widely used in stamping process of small precision parts such as precision electronics, communication, computer, household appliances, auto parts, motor stator, etc., such as razor barbed wire Air Loom Reed Sheet Rapier loom Reed Presses, Razor barbed tape wire stamping machine.

All in all, the choice of punching machine depends mainly on your actual use. According to the requirements you need, and then consider the quality, price, configuration and other aspects of the punching machine, so that you can buy more affordable. What is the difference between C-type high-speed punching machine and gantry high-speed punching machine? The answer is in the homepage of Samhoor Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd.

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