What auxiliary devices/peripherals are available for high-speed punching machines?

2022-04-16 15:01:14 Mr.Li 5

Entrepreneurs who are in the punching industry know that the peripheral equipment of a punching machine is an essential configuration for efficient work. There are many kinds of peripheral equipment for high-speed punch presses, what auxiliary assemblies do you know?

Peripherals integrated

There are the following series of equipment for high-speed press stamping presses:

#1 Feeder series 

New high-speed precision clip feeder: JSG feeder.

High-speed precision clip feeder: GF-906N clip feeder (single strip); GF-1512N clip feeder (multiple strips)

High speed precision NC roller feeder: A. Pneumatic relax type; B. Mechanical relax type.

High speed gear change feeder

Disc inverter type feeder

Thin plate type punch feeder and straightener (2 in 1)

#2 Straightening and leveling machine series 

S type high speed precision

STL, SNL precision material leveling machine

CL automatic feeding straightening machine 

TL material straightening machine 

Ultra-precision straightening machine 

NCMF precision medium-thick plate type punching machine servo leveling and feeding (Three in one)

#3 Material rack series 

Double-headed material rack, heavy-duty material rack, light-duty material rack

#4 Receiving machine series 

Terminal Receiving Machine, Terminal Light Control Receiving Machine

#5 Scrap machine series 

Automatic scrap suction machine

#6 Accessory Series 

Microcomputer Lower Dead Point Detecting Device

Vibration damping foot 

High-Speed Presses Soundproof Rooms (Iron & Wood)

We can see that there are 6 main categories of peripheral equipment for high-speed punching machine, remember to check our company's official website for more details.

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