What are the feeders for high-speed stamping machines?

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Punching equipment is constantly updated and optimized, and a new type of punching machine, the high-speed punching machine, has been derived. High-speed punching machines have the advantages of high precision, fast stamping speed and high stability, and the corresponding peripheral equipment will also be more perfect in function. What kind of feeders are available for high-speed punching machines?

High-speed punching machine stamping speed up to 200-1000 times / min, fast, can match the high-speed punching machine stamping speed feeder mainly have the following categories.

I. High-speed clip feeder

Clip feeders0418.png

1. New high-speed precision clip feeder

JSG feeder series is a cam-driven, adjustable clip feeder with a unique design of one arc cam and three plate cams to achieve high speed and smooth feeding. The clamps are specially processed in order to evenly stress the material and avoid indentations and abrasions, and can convey plated materials that are easily bruised, soft materials, and irregularly shaped materials, etc. It is especially suitable for material conveying in the electronics industry.

JSG feeder series can feed material with high speed and high precision. Because of its horizontal clamping design, the clamps can be used to hold the material softly for feeding operation, and the clamps are suitable for various shapes of material, and can feed round or square wire; digital display of feeding length with automatic belt adjustment system; built-in detection mechanism to detect clogging or deformation of material; 165 degree feeding interval angle to keep the material in the press longer; combined with die guide pegs to adjust the material release time when guiding.

2. GF Clip Feeder

GF-906N clip feeder (single belt):

Suitable for high speed and high precision feeding SPM up to 1200 times/min.

GF-1512N Gripper Feeder (Multi-belt)

Suitable for different material width and thickness.      

Note: Feeding accuracy ±0.05mm (value for each project)

GF clip feeder is suitable for punching products that require high speed processing and high precision feeding (up to 1200 times per minute); the machine runs quietly and silently; no indentation marks are left on the material surface, which can make punching aluminum, stainless steel, copper, iron, or secondary process manufacturers to get perfect punching products; all adjustments are made by engraving type, easy to operate, good stability, and easy to operate by any person. Any personnel can easily operate. The body is formed in one piece, which can avoid the resonance generated when stamping and affect the feeding accuracy.

II. Roller feeding machine

Roller feeders0418.png

1. High speed precision punching NC roller feeder

#1 Pneumatic relax type


* Suitable for feeding materials of different thickness and length.

* Suitable for high speed and long size feeding to improve productivity and feeding accuracy.

* Simple operation panel with touch screen for feeding length and feeding speed, the operator can set the length quickly and accurately from 0.1mm to 9999.99mm.

* Mechanical relaxation (accurate relaxation point) is adopted, which can be used for a long time with low failure rate.

#2 Mechanical relax type


* Adopt high quality, brushless servo motor drive, effectively shorten the feeding distance adjustment and testing time.

* Use of highly sensitive decoder, accurate return, and more accurate feeding.

* Equipped with the specified upper belt drive, can eliminate the gear gap, minimal wear, no noise, and no need for lubrication, safe and environmentally friendly.

* Motor built-in device, can avoid damage during handling and loading. 2.

2. High-speed roller feeder

High-speed roller feeder has two forms.

A. Single type: applicable to rolls (thickness 0.15mm or more) when used for single products or continuous products.

B. Double type: Suitable for rolls (thickness 0.15mm or less), single product or continuous product punching.

High-speed roller feeder is a one-way bearing, embedded with super hard alloy, and with roller bearings, wear-resistant, high precision, high stability, long life; its use of hollow, light weight, low rotary inertia, can be instantly stopped to ensure feeding accuracy; general braking device using advanced clutch to make full contact with the rain surface, to ensure good stability, high precision; high-speed roller feeder has another reverse device design, long time use also The high speed roller feeder is also designed with a reversing device, so that the lower wheel will not have the slightest backward phenomenon for a long time, and the stability and precision are quite high. We all know that the general brake device of each model is standard, the general brake device is the auxiliary device, and this high-speed roller feeder has another reverse device, that is, a double brake system, its speed can reach 30 m / min, the general 20 m / min, increasing the efficiency of 50%, because of its special structure, the service life is greatly extended.

III. Gear Feeder

Gear feeder0418.jpg

High-speed gear change type feeder:

High-speed gear feeder has 4 high-precision grinding gears (mounted in the body), pneumatic material clamping and releasing device as standard, and special equipment such as end material detection photoelectric switch, extended pallet, and material lubrication device. High speed gear feeder is suitable for high-speed processing and high precision feeding of punching products, the change of feeding length is made by 1-4 gears. High-speed gear feeder-speed up to 800 times / min; A wide range, easy to debug and operate, high precision, stable performance; Suitable for high-speed feeding of a variety of wide plate materials, especially motor stator, silicon steel sheet, EI sheet of high-speed punching production.

IV. Disc feeding machine

Disc feeder0418.jpg

Double layer disc frequency conversion type feeding machine:

Double layer disc frequency conversion type feeding machine features: this machine can feed two or more strips at the same time at one time, equipped with pulling wheel to release the material, photoelectric control, frequency conversion speed regulation.

V. High-speed NC servo feeding machine

NC feeder0418.jpg

NCMF precision medium thickness plate type punching machine servo leveling and feeding 3 in 1:

NCMF precision servo leveling and feeding 3-in-1 with the following standard configurations.

* Photoelectric arc control system;

* Feeding rollers and straightening rollers with hard chrome plating treatment;

* Feeding exit guide frame device; * Hydraulic press arm device;

* Hydraulic press arm device; * Hydraulic press arm device;

* Coil head flattening device; * Hydraulic blocking wheel; 

* Hydraulic stopper wheel; * End material detection;

* 1 set of remote control; * Variable frequency speed control of the material carrier.

High-speed servo feeder can be set from 0 to 10 meters to meet the demand of high-speed stamping with long step; it has multi-stage feeding function, which can meet the demand of multi-station production with wide range of applicable material thickness; it can be customized with various thickness models from 0 to 9.0mm to meet the demand of high-speed stamping of thick plates.

High-speed punching machine feeder mainly has the above five categories, entrepreneurs have to choose the applicable feeder according to the actual situation. Samhoor Precision Machinery company's high-speed punching machine feeder is generally standard delivery, so please contact us for specific details.

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