What are the causes and solutions of material carryover during high-speed punching operation?

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During the operation of High speed stamping machine, some customers give feedback that the phenomenon of material carryover occurs in the punching machine, which delays the process of work and also requires certain protection technology for the operator. Then what are the reasons for such phenomena? How can people solve it? Please continue to browse this article, maybe you can find the answer.

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Punching machine in the application of the whole process will produce with material now, in general, high-speed punching machine die with material refers to the normal operation of the operation, the upper die punch and the plate is not timely disconnected or completely failed to disconnect when the feeding mechanism began to operate, resulting in the phenomenon of material (workpiece plate material stuck in the middle of the left and right turret), serious time will produce clamps to pull off the plate material or clamps into the plate material to make it bow bending deformation, touch bad protection The failure of the organization such as cover. If the material with a more serious operational failure, will contribute to the workpiece plate only to destroy, machine parts of the destruction. Therefore, the systematic study of the problem of strip material and the development of a series of preventive measures is a systemic project to which every punch press manufacturer attaches great importance.

According to our production test experience, we believe that there are nine main reasons for the phenomenon of the material to be fed during the operation of high-speed punching machines as follows.

1. The upper die cutter is pressed down too deep.

2. The unloading force of the stamping plate is greater than the spring force.

3. The speed of feeding the material is too fast and the spring is not too sensitive.

4. Blunting of the upper and lower die cutter so that the pushing force is greater than the releasing force.

5. Excessive resistance without lubrication when stamping up and down the die sleeve and die core.

6. Incorrect clearance of the stamping die and rebound of the scrap after stamping.

7. The dust of the material after stamping accumulates on the unloading plate of the upper die.

8. The spring of the die is damaged and fatigued or broken due to long-term use of the die.

9. The upper die may be magnetic after sharpening, or some plates are weakly magnetic, which makes the upper die work with magnetic attraction to the scrap.

Then how to solve the phenomenon of banding? The following is the solution to the high-speed punching machine die with material, for reference only: 1.

1. Regularly check the spring, if there is damage or broken condition, make sure to replace the new spring and then work.

2. Precisely adjust the height of the die stamping, so that when the punch is closed, the punch stamping plate can be down to 1~2mm as appropriate.

3. Regularly lubricate the die sleeve and die core.

4. Check the gap between the upper and lower dies and grind the cutters of the upper and lower dies, and clean the dies regularly.

5. Sharpen the die at the right time, don't let the die mouth too blunt, and demagnetize the die after sharpening.

The above is the knowledge to share with you today. In order to ensure the service life of the punching die, it is recommended that you should also regularly check and replace the spring of the die to prevent the spring from fatigue damage affecting the use of the die; and timely sharpening can also extend the service life of the high-speed punching die.

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