How should a high-speed power press machine be installed stamping dies safely and easily?

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High-speed power press machine is a set of products that can make various shapes of stamping parts such as drop, punching and forming through punching dies, which are widely used in various fields and many parts can be made through punching dies. In the press stamping industry, the goodness of the stamping die and whether the installation is conducive to processing. Then whether the die is properly installed, are particularly important for each high-speed press machine, so the installation of high-speed press dies must be very careful. So, how to safely and easily install the die for high-speed punching machine? Let's take a look at the following contents today.

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High-speed punching die installation steps/cautions:

1. Please to Check whether the die number and part number match correctly before installation.

2. Clear the excess material on the table surface and wipe it clean. Before mounting the die, you need to ensure the cleanliness and neatness of the punching table to avoid interfering with the use of the die.

3. Wipe the upper and lower plane of the die with care before installation to keep the plane neat, clean and smooth.

4. Preliminary check whether all parts of the punching die to be installed are complete, fastened securely and have no deformation, and do not allow the punching die to run with faults.

5. Before installation, make sure that the die edge is sharp, the concave die edge is free of chipping, and the convex die is free of missing corners. If there is chipping or missing corners, please sharpen the tooling first.

6. Before closing the die, a silicon steel sheet should be padded between the upper and lower die to prevent accidental damage to the cutter due to handling process.

7. Before putting the die on the punching machine, use oil stone to grind off the burrs on the bottom and top surface, and use cloth to clean up the garbage. If there are burrs or garbage on the top and bottom plane of the die, it will cause the punching piece with burrs and poor texture.

8. Adjust the slider stroke to the right position to press the upper die, and make sure that the upper plane of the die handle or die frame fits closely to the bottom surface of the slider, and the lower die platen screw is gently pressed. Then, adjust the slider upward and take out the middle silicon steel sheet. Loosen the lower die platen screw, adjust the slider downward until the convex die enters the concave die by 3~4mm, and press the lower die platen screw. The convex die must enter into the concave die 3~4mm when punching the new die, otherwise, the convex die will be chipped or the concave die will be cracked.

9. Raise the slider to the upper dead position, adjust the punching rod stop screw to the appropriate tightness, and then idle several times to observe whether the die and punching machine mechanisms work normally. If there is no abnormal situation, you can start production.

10. Carefully fill out the die card, record the fault situation, and report to the relevant personnel in time to facilitate troubleshooting and improve the die.

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