Qingming Ancestor Festival Holiday Notice

2023-04-03 16:46:32 Mr.Li 5

Qingming Festival is not only one of the twenty-four Chinese festivals, but also a day for Chinese people to remember their deceased relatives, a major traditional Chinese spring festival, a way to remember the ancestors, a way to express the filial piety of the sacrifice and miss the ancestors before, a traditional culture of honoring the ancestors and cautiously pursuing the future.

Qingming is coming, according to the national statutory holidays and combined with the actual situation of the company, the following arrangements are made for the Qingming Festival holiday:


Holiday time: April 05, 2023 (Wednesday) for a day off, April 06 (Thursday) normal work.

In order to spend a joyful, peaceful and safe festival, people usually accompany the tomb sweeping and ancestral worship with another activity, a green outing. It is the best time to enjoy the spring scenery when everything is reviving.

If you are going out for an outing or visiting family, you should keep your mobile phone unblocked and pay attention to safety on the road. With the recent outbreak of A/H1N1 infectious diseases, we must do a good job of prevention and control safety, protect ourselves and protect our health while sweeping tombs.

Please call my mobile at (WeChat/WhatsApp) +86-18207623286 Joey for any urgent issues. Thanks and best regards.

We wish our friends a good health and good luck on Qingming Festival!


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