Use the high-speed punch before the preparatory work

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Use the high-speed punch before the preparatory work

Use the high-speed punch before the preparatory work

  Before the use of high-speed press production process, due to the stamping parts of the structural shape, size, accuracy requirements and production volume of different, coupled with the specific conditions of production and other factors, the customer side in the purchase of Samhoor high-speed punch, Several aspects of the high-speed punch to the production process as much as possible, carefully, the machine performance to the maximum.

  (1) Although the Samhoor high-speed press has been inspected at the factory, it is necessary to carry out the inspection of the last safety performance before the start of the production work during the actual operation.

  (2) ahead of preparation, high-speed press through the automatic feeding machine feeding, the work of the fast, does not allow manual feeding, it must be prepared for the normal operation of the machine.

  (3) to determine the operation of the staff is already familiar with the use of punch, and proceed to operate;

  (4) manufacturers should develop detailed safety practices, affixed to the high-speed punch machine and some other prominent position, so that operators can see.

  (5) to determine the positioning of the process.

  (6) to determine the shape of the semi-finished products and size.

  (7) After determining the nature, quantity, order and combination of the above steps, it is necessary to consider whether or not other stamping assisting steps have been adopted. If it is to be used, the order of arrangement of the auxiliary processes throughout the high-speed stamping process should be determined.

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