How about the price of 65 tons gantry type high-speed punching machine?

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There are two types of 65 tons high speed punching machines, one is 65 tons C type high speed punching machine and the other is 65 tons gantry type high speed stamping machine, What is the difference between these two models, features and prices? Let's take a look at the introduction of Dongguan Samhoor high-speed punching machine.

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Common advantages of Dongguan Samhoor 65-ton high-speed punching machine:

1. Safe and reliable operation

Adopting Taiwan dry clutch brake system, American MAC solenoid valve, advanced upper dead stop device and overload protection device to ensure the reliability, accuracy and safety of punching machine ram operation and stop.

2. High efficiency

Suitable for mass production of electronic and hardware parts, etc. The maximum punching speed is 1000 times/min.

3. Convenient mold adjustment function

Adopting advanced mold adjustment system (mold height display, hydraulic mold lock, manual mold adjustment), the adjustment accuracy can reach 0.01mm, the adjustment method is safe and convenient.

4. High speed stability

Adopting advanced dynamic balancing system with external vibration damping structure, that is, it can still maintain stable and reliable operation even in ultra-high-speed condition.

5. Operation automation

Different grades and specifications of automatic feeding machine can be configured for automatic production. Through reasonable product combination, it is convenient to realize the production method of one person managing multiple machine positions.

After-sales service of Dongguan Samhoor 65-ton high-speed punching machine:

After-sales service: one-year free warranty and lifetime maintenance.

Price of Dongguan Samhoor 65-ton gantry high-speed punching machine:

The specific price of 65-ton gantry high-speed punching machine needs to follow up your stamping precision requirements, the rule model of the mold, and the configuration of peripheral equipment to evaluate to give you a more complete production plan and a more reasonable price for your reference.

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